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Visual Rewrite—ZoeyZoey

0:00-0:20 In the first few seconds of the video, you notice many different people come together putting up tents and displaying shirts on tables. A lot of excitement is portrayed in these few seconds. There are people dressed up with … Continue reading

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Critical Reading—zoeyzoey

Is PTSD contagious? This question states that something that someone gets from a tragic situation. PTSD is thought of as a big issue where people seem to react erratically to small things that may annoy someone normally but we do … Continue reading

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A01 stone money – zoeyzoey

How is it that we kneel upon such a small piece of detailed paper ? A paper that we are told when growing up is very much needed to basically live on this earth. It’s portrayed to us as our … Continue reading

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Summaries-zoeyzoey0210 It seems counterintuitive but true that the company Toms make shoes that are extremely popular since 2006. Tom’s is a company that has a benefit to it to help those in need. When you buy one of these shoes … Continue reading

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