Rhetoric Visual – Water

Hustle :30 Spanish | Child Car Safety | Ad Council

0:00 – We open the scene with a young little girl wearing braids standing in between the border of what seems to be a hallway separating the outside of the bedroom and the bedroom itself. We see she is facing the direction of the bedroom, the bed is undone meaning that someone is still in bed and that could be the reason why the girl is walking towards the room, to wake them up.

0:00 – A second barely passes by and we can conclude that it’s the parent’s bedroom. we can tell by looking at the bed frame and the covers, they don’t seem to resemble kids/youth linkings (no toys laying around, no indications its someone older around the teenage years)

0:01 – During the first second of the ad, we get a shot that’s used in most sequences where the camera is moving as if we are walking with the little girl. We get a switch to her face and by the looks of it she looks lost, maybe as if she was expecting something that never happened.

0:01 – We get a change of emotions now, her eyes dilate and her facial expressions go from confused to shock

0:02 – The parents get revealed, the mom springs upwards with her hair tangled meanwhile the dad is laying next to her still asleep, based on the mom’s initial reaction to seeing her, she looks confused as if she shouldn’t be there.

0:03 – The mother has been hit with a wave of realization when she makes eye contact with her daughter and then makes a sharp turn to her right to what seems to be her reaching for an item, which could be a clock and she’s about to realize they are either late for an event or late for school.

0:03 – The clock reads 9:37 and she looks scared and surprised, she shifts her gaze at the clock to her husband whom I think is about to be woken up with shocking information. They must be late for school if just by thinking how the child wakes their parents up to tell them that she needs to be at school.

0:04 – The mother pushed the father, waking him up. They both roll out of bed rushing to their other children for they all had overstepped and are late for school/work.

0:05 – The little girl’s brother is still sleeping, also confirming that he overslept along with the family. The father has his arms extended firmly grabbing the blinds, I assume he is about to wake up the son by pulling the blinds.

0:06 – The dad pulls the blinds and the son immediately wakes up, going through morning emotions consisting of laziness and not wanting to move an atom of their body with hopes of going back to sleep.

0:07 – Dad sees her up so he goes to the next thing he has to do in order to get everyone ready for the day that they failed to wake up on time.

0:08 – Someone is preparing cereal with a huge portion of honey nut cheerios

0:08/0:09 – The milk carton is finished barely having enough milk to fill up the bowl

0:09 – The dad is still in his robe and PJs, he empties the carton of milk while preparing breakfast

0:09 – The dad shakes the carton hoping it would give more milk, and to the side, we see another child in shorts and a blue top without shoes on, she seems to have overslept and is rushing for a late breakfast. Grabbing the nearest edible thing to have on the go.

0:10 – The daughter seems unfazed about being last as she dances in a spiral motion while dad is still searching for an extra droplet of milk.

0:12 – Mom is scrambling through millions of pairs of shoes, meanwhile another child is holding soccer cleats. The mom could be scrambling through the pile of shoes looking for the other half of the girl’s cleats. The look on her face gives frustration and unpreparedness vibes.

0:13/0:14 – The mother finds the other half of the cleat and hands it to the daughter with relief and happiness. Meanwhile, the daughter has a face that expresses “wow mom, we really mess up and it’s funny watching you struggle”

0:15 – The mother looks even more confused after the daughter took the clear and left the room, maybe the daughter was disappointed that the mother was taking quite a bit of time looking for the cleat and how they are late for school.

0:16/0:17 – The dad seems to have changed and is in the laundry room getting clothes but a problem came up and from the looks of the clothing they seem to have turned pink.

0:18 – The dad pulls the clothes out and realizes that they had changed colors. The look of him realizing that they will have to wear pink clothes for either work/school is hitting him hard.

0:18 – The point of view switched from someone looking at the dad to the dad looking at a younger child, they both looked disappointed and prepared to wear clothes of color they weren’t intending to wear.

0:19 – The boy looks at the dad juggling the clothes trying to find a pair that hadn’t turned pink but with no luck, he looks up and yells “mama” calling for his mom to tell her that the clothes had turned pink

0:21 – The family is all in the car, the camera zooms out of the car with everyone putting their seatbelts on with the pink outfits

0:22 – The dad seems relieved that everything is on track for the most part despite waking up late and having their clothes changed.

0:24 – The parents look at each other giving the “we are never going to ever sleep again” look and drive off to wherever they have to go. 

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