Visual Rhetoric – krackintheneck

In the opening scene, the camera follows the silhouette of a child down a dark hallway. The frame is cut so you can only see the half of the child’s back and up to his/her head. There is no lights on in this hallway, but on light is illuminating from a different room where presumably the child is heading towards.

The next scene is a birds eye view of a different child laying stomach down on the ground, kicking her feet, and playing with her toys. The director is showing this scene to portray that kids are going to do what they feel is fun. The mood completely shifts to a juvenile mood where the suns out shining on the little girls body. This is appealing to the audience’s logic by showing that this little girl means no harm and she is just going to do whatever makes her happy. The director has yet to show a parent up to this point supervising these children.

The next scene cuts to a living room like area, with the sun shinning through the closed blinds. Right in the middle of the screen is a big cabinet opened with a stool in front of it. On top of the stool is a child standing on his/her tip toes trying to reach for whatever is on top if the cabinet. The picture only shows the child’s legs and her/his feet barely balancing on the stool. This appeals to the audience’s pathos by being on the edge of our seat waiting to see if the stool will tip and fall over. It makes the audience anxious by not knowing what is going to happen to this child and where his/her parents are.

The next scene consists of the same little girl jumping off of her bed and crouching down to talk with her friend/brother who also is a child. Once again showing that children do not see consequences with no adults around.

The next scene is a little boy on top of a stool what looks like to be in his garage or shed. He has a flashlight pointed on top of the body of tools that he is scrounging around to most likely find something to play with.

The next scene cuts back to the other child on the stool with toys and large items falling down to the ground beside her/him. Which leads to the next scene in which the little girl crawls under her bed with her friend most likely trying to do something for their own entertainment.

Next we cut back to the boy that was in the shed and he is in the bathroom with a rolled up towel, but as an audience we are unsure what that item inside the towel is.

This brings us where the child that was on top of the stool earlier is now looking through the belongings of what she had threw on the ground finding a gun in the mist of all that. That also brings us back to the little kids under the bed bringing out a shotgun while they are playing with all the toys around it unaware of how dangerous this deadly weapon is.

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