Rebuttal Excercise – americangods01

Antagonistic 2.

“The First Amendment’s freedom of speech and press is blind-sighted with Ag Gag legislation. Limiting the constitutional right to photograph and record punishes those who seek free speech and press, without proof of harm. Instead of punishing the abusers, these bills punish those who expose the abuse.”

The author of this claims that the Ag-gag laws are unconsistutional in the way that they are limiting the right to press of the journalists but they fail to mention that taking pictures and reporting about someone’s business without their permission is a violation of their privacy and unless they work for the government, the Constitution protects from the government surpressing one’s freedom of speech, press, etc.

Antagonistic 3.

“…secretly videotaping a farm without the owner’s permission”

Even if preventing such things from happening is unconstitutional because it is going against the first amendment’s right to free speech and press what is keeping it from going against other amendments about no search and seizure? It seems like a clear violation if there is no warrent and it’s being done “secretly” and “without the owner’s permission”.

Supportive 3

“I asked this individual to define factory farming. After all, I don’t know any factory farmers. With 98% of farms and ranches in the U.S. family owned and operated, I know that today’s food is grown by people who care about the animals, the environment and the final retail product.”

This author assumes that every family owned farm is the happy, go-lucky farmer that gives a kiss to each of his cows with no factories and no worries about profit margins or productivity because he loves his cows and treats them humanely. If that were the truth, we probably wouldn’t be worrying about this situation.

Supportive 2

“In the medicine and finance industries for example, whistleblowing isn’t considered a crime.”

The author fails to state any instances when whistblowing has occurred in the medicine and finance industries was passed off. There is no supportive evidence that whistleblowing is not a crime. It doesn’t take into account of the consequences of whistleblowing in these other industries. Maybe they handle differently rather than causing a large uproar with so much litigation.

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