Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Giants

0:00-0:03- The short begins with what appears to be three friends hanging out together at a bar that is illuminated with red lights. The man in the middle, presumably the subject of the ad, is holding a dark drink that appears to be near finished. The two others talk, without their friend.

0:04- 0:06-Hard cut to a man wearing a flannel at what appears to be some sort of barbecue. It seems like it is the 4th of July. The man has a red solo cup in his hand, and on the left hand side of the screen is his friend working the grill. The man suddenly looks down into his red solo cup right as he is about to take a sip.

0:07-0:09- Hard cut to a man wearing jeans sitting in the back of a truck in what appears to be a parking lot. He has a blue solo cup in his hand. In the background, multiple varieties of alcoholic drinks can be seen, including liquor and beer. There is a bowl of chips in a bowl on a table to the mans left. Based on context clues, I would have to assume the man is tailgating for a football game and getting drunk with his friends.

0:10- The first man reaches into his pockets for his car keys

0:11-0:13- The second man reaches into his pocket and grabs his keys.

0:14- The third man catches his keys midair, as if he had thrown them to himself. He seems excited to drive.

0:15-0:17- The first man looks at his keys, then looks upwards, indicating that he is contemplating something.

0:18-0:20- The second man is staring longingly and cracks a slight smile. He also seems to be contemplating making a decision in his mind.

0:20-0:21- The first man is seen putting his key back into his pocket, which is immediately followed by the third guy putting his keys back into a side pocket of his backpack.

0:21-0:22- The third man tosses his keys away, presumably to a friend or somebody that is going to be driving him.

0:23-0:30- The video cuts to a clip of the third man in the passenger seat of a truck putting his seatbelt on as his designated driver takes off.

I believe that the theme of this PSA is a very simple and easy to follow one. Do not get behind the wheel of a multi-ton vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol. The reason that this advert is compelling is not because it has a deep intricate meaning. The meaning is easy to see. The video, to me, is compelling because of how they choose to go about walking us through the decision making process of making the choice that could be saving yours and others lives. I believe that me freezing the video on every frame allowed me to really understand the nuances of the video more, as there is no way I could have came to the conclusion that I came to in a mere 30 seconds.

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