Visual Rewrite

What Influenza Looks Like

In the first second the viewer see a man in suit looking at something. Through his facial expressions the viewer can tell he is surprised by something. The surprise is not a good surprise though as he does not look happy in his expression. In his surroundings, he seems to be in attendance of an formal party, a wedding perhaps. The guests are inside a thermal tent implying that the weather outside is cold. In the bottom left of the frame the mans arm is holding something. The viewer can guess he is holding whatever it is that he is surprised about. The viewer can also tell that its night time based on the lighting inside and outside the tent.

In the next second the people in the background can be seen dancing and singing. This implies that they are celebrating something. The man is speaking to something in his hand, with a empathetic facial expression as he is speaking. The frame flips to the a girl in bed. She is holding a phone which confirms with the viewer that the man at the party was on a phone call with this girl. The girl looks like she’s suffering in bed. Due to the amount of blankets and the sick expression on her face the viewer can assume she is ill. Putting this together with the empathetic facial expression from the man at the party, the viewer can assume she is not at the part because she is ill. If originally she was intending to go we can assume she is either related to the man, a friend of the man, or in a relationship with the man. The girl looks like she’s in a pretty standard bed showing she has the money to afford such bed. The man also has the money to afford attending such a part with the formal wear he had.

From the 3rd to 5th second the frame changes to the view of girls phone. As assumed she is on the phone with the man at the party. Behind the phone the viewer can see her desk, which has 4 or 5 different bottles of bills on it. This may imply she has more than just a common illness. Along with that the viewer can see a framed picture of what looks like her and someone else. The man on the phone maybe. The man on the phone still looks like he feels really bad for her.

From the 5th to 9th second the frame changes back to the man. The other guests come up behind them and wave hi to the girl on the other side of the phone. This confirms that they are indeed at a party and are all familiar with each other. They probably miss the ill girl just as much as the man does. After they wave in pans back to the girl as she coughs into some tissues, confirming that she is most definitely sick.

From the 9th to 11th second another woman walks in and begins speaking to the girl in bed. She looks somewhat disappointed or irritated. Her hand motions also imply this. Did the girl do something to upset her? This second woman looks about the same age as the girl in bed and they look similar so they could be sisters,

From the 11th to the 16th second the girl in bed looks again very sick, then she seems to be apologizing to the other woman in the room with her. She also hung up the phone on the man at the party. Maybe the woman that came in did not like the fact that she was on the phone when she should has been recovering from her sickness. A text field than appears that reads in Spanish “Otro case de influenza” or “another case of the flu”. The girl in bed is sick with the flu. In the 19th second pans to an image of another woman in the doctors office receiving a shot. The viewer can assume from the previous 19 seconds that this a flu shot.

From the 23rd second to the end we see a clip of the previously sick girl now getting ready to go somewhere. She’s dressing up nicely with somebody helping her. Her attire and excited facial expression implies she’s going somewhere fun. This is where the video ends. The ending of the add may be the sick girl in the case where she got her flu shot and was able to attend the party where the man was. Through visuals alone, the ad effectively gets the point across that its endorsing the flu shot.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I need a link to your video, Spooky. Without it, I can’t judge the accuracy or quality of your observations.


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