Robust Verbs – chickedinner

Heroin addicts turn to crime to fuel their addiction in the streets of Vancouver, and a program providing these addicts with heroin for free offers a solution. These heroin addicts have sent crime rates skyrocketing, and it is clear that they too are suffering because of their addiction. Their dependency has destroyed their bodies, minds, friendships, careers, and families. A heroin addict will to anything to get their next high, even if it means robbing people on the street or breaking into their homes. Providing them with the drug for free disincentivizes them from turning to crime to support their addiction, and means they won’t end up in an emergency room because they used a dirty needle or heroin cut with poison. But while the free heroin measure reduces crime and keeps addicts out of hospitals, without a plan to cure them of their addiction, the government is only putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

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