visual- ifurreadingthisits2l8

0:01 The ad starts with a dark, empty classroom. On the one wall you can see some sunlight from the windows streaming in. In the room older-looking, wooden desks and a chalk board. Indicating that the classroom might be older, or in an older school. Carved into the back of one of the desks are the words “we’ve been labeled”.
0:03 The ad continues with the camera facing a desk in a dark room. The floor and the desk still wooden and older looking. There’s also a wooden pencil placed in the crease on the top of the desk. The words “we’ve been angry” are carved onto the top left side of the desk.
0:05 The ad changes to a different scene of a brick wall with a lot of windows. The windows look older, and the bricks have changed colors and are clearly not new. There’s a sign with black lettering that says, “no roller skating skateboarding or bicycle riding”.
0:06 The scene changes again to a fence with a white sign on it. In black letters it says “NO ROLLER SKATING SKATEBOARDING” and in small red letters in between it says we’ve been controlled. It looks like a zoomed in picture of the previous frame.
0:10 Is a blurred out background of a school hallway. On the way below the blurry window panes it say’s “we’ve been hopeless”.
0:13 Now the scene changes from a school to a bedroom. On the wall of random magazine cutouts and pictures is a torn piece of notebook with the words “we’ve been miserable” written on them.
0:15 A foggy car windshield appears and the view is from the inside of the car. On the foggy night windshield, with headlights in the window, the words “we’ve been hurt” are written by a finger.
0:19 It’s a dark lonely gymnasium in a school. Theres three door panels where light is shining in. On the doors the words “we’ve been lonely” are written.
0:20 The scene changes to a light bathroom with lots of light. On the mirror is the reflection of the sinks, and in red lipstick the words “we’ve been invisible” are written.
0:24 It’s a classroom with desks again but the room is brighter. On a bright orange poster board in the back it says “we’ve been judged” in green letters.
0:26 A black converse lays on the carpeted brown floor with it’s shoelaces untied. On the white bottom part, “we’ve been abandoned” is written in blue sharpie.
0:27 It’s a dark window pain, with an orange glow. The word’s “we’ve been lost” are written on the outside of the window in black.
0:36 A sidewalk in the sunshine appears and the words “we’ve been happy” are written in bright yellow chalk.
0:38 A black chalkboard reappears in a brighter classroom and the words “we’ve been inspired” are written in white chalk.
0:45 An old brick wall has been written on in blue chalk. The words “we’ve been supported” are written.
0:46 A bright grey locker appears, in a brightened hallway. The word’s “we’ve been there” are written on the bottom of the locker.
0:48 Then more bus seats appear and multiple bus seats have the words “we’ve been there” written on them.
0:49 More wooden bleacher benches appear with the words “we’ve been there”.
0:50 Every step in the stairwell has the words “we’ve been there” written on them.

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