Visual Rewrite – wakeup5am

:01 Before: There is a man. He seems to be snapping his fingers. His eyes are super wide. There’s a table. He’s looking at whatever is under the table. Maybe he’s trying to get his dog’s attention? He looks confusedScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.30.05 AM

After: This is a black man. He’s looking under the table. It’s a wooden table. I have a wooden table in my kitchen, so I’m going to assume he’s in a kitchen. The table is round so it’s definitely a kitchen table. And since it’s kitchen table he must be in house, not necessarily his own house. However, I”m going to say it’s his house, because he’s comfortably going under the table to get somethings attention.  He seems to be trying to get attention of something under the table. Could be a dog, a cat, or a child. He looks very confused, but yet at high alert. He’s snapping his fingers.

:02 Before: Still the same man. The camera angle barely shows his face. He’s still looking under the table. His eye brows are raised. His face looks as if he’s unsure of what he’s looking at.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.30.19 AM

After: Still the same man. His eye brows are raised so that can mean many emotions. He could be confused, worried, alert, surprised, scared, and/or hungry. He’s still looking at something under the table, but he’s not snapping his fingers anymore so maybe he got the thing’s attention. The camera angle doesn’t show his whole face.

:03 Before: Now there’s a woman. She’s pushing something. There seem to be children’s toys on the handle of what she’s pushing. I’m going to assume she’s pushing a child around in a stroller. She’s looking down, I can’t tell whether she’s looking at the child, or the ground of where she’s walking.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.30.31 AM

After: This is a lady. I’m unsure of her race, but I can see that she’s not white. By the looks of the children’s toys on the handle bar of what she’s pushing I’m going to assume she’s pushing a stroller. Since she’s pushing a stroller, I think it’s safe to say there is a child in there. Only her right hand is in the photo, so we cannot tell if she’s married or not. She’s looking down in the photo, far right. Her face is expressing some kind of stress or exhaustion. Maybe she walked too much, pushing her stroller, and now she’s tired. Maybe she had a long day at work, now she’s taking her child for a nice stroll to release her stress. Her nails aren’t painted though so she hasn’t had much time to herself. It must be cold if she’s wearing that jacket. The toys on her stroller are blue, so maybe she has a baby boy.

:04 Before: There is a woman. A man is standing behind her. She’s taking a picture of something. Everything is super blurry. Nothing is in focus. The man is wearing a flannel, it must be fall time.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.30.44 AM

After: There is another lady. She is of color. She’s taking a photo of something. Her left hand is in the picture and I spot a wedding band, so it’s safe to assume the man standing behind her is her husband. He is also of color. Everything is super blurry. The man’s shoulder is the only thing in focus. There are a lot of shelves in the background. She could be taking a picture of something because she got a new frame and wants to put it on her shelf.

:05; :06 are the same still frame.

:07 Before: There is a woman. There are peas on a spoon. She’s either eating the peas or feeding them to someone. I’m going to assume she’s feeding a baby. It looks like a high chair. A lot is blurred out. I believe there is a person in the background, but I’m unsure. The spoon is the only thing in focus.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.21 AM

After: This is a new woman. There seems to be a different person in every frame. This lady is white. She has peas on a spoon, but her arm is extended so she’s feeding someone or something else. There seems to be a really faint person in the background on the right. It looks like a white male. The lady’s right hand is pictured, so I can’t tell if they’re married or not. The table doesn’t look like a normal kitchen table, it looks like a high chair. I’m going to assume she’s feeding a baby, because only baby’s eat peas fed to them by a lady. The only thing in focus is the spoon. Maybe the baby is super hungry and that’s why it’s the only thing in focus.

:08 is the same still frame.

:09 Before: Now we’re in a car. There is a person in the passenger’s seat looking into the back seat. I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. They’re driving at night time. I can’t see the driver, maybe it’s a ghost driver. The face of the passenger looks very concerned, very confused.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.40 AM

After: Now we’re in the car. There is a person in the passenger’s seat looking into the back seat. I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman; however, they aren’t white. There is a person driving the car, I can see them in the rearview. I can’t tell the race because the mirror is too small. The passenger looks concerned, maybe annoyed, looks like he/she has to fart. It’s dark outside, the street lights are on. Maybe they’re getting back from dinner, or a movie, maybe their parent’s house. Whatever the passenger is looking at in the back seat, it must be something serious. I’m thinking a puppy or a child. Nothing is really in focus except the steering wheel.

:10; :11 are the same still frame.

:12 Before: Definitely a woman. She’s shopping somewhere, I’m going to guess a grocery store considering she has a shopping cart. She’s for sure engaged, and by the size of her ring her fiancé makes good money. Her nails are done, so she must make good money as well. We can’t se her eyes. Her hands are the only thing in focus, everything else is blurry.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.32.25 AM

After: And it’s nothing woman! This one is white. She has a shopping chart, so i’m assuming she food shopping. She has a beautiful ring on her finger, but I only see an engagement ring, not a wedding band. We can assume she is someone’s finance. Her nails are also done, so she has time to take care of herself. The ring is a nice size, so they make money. Nothing is in focus except for the shopping cart handle. The lady is looking down towards the shopping cart. She could be looking at whatever is in the cart, or at the floor.

:13 is the still frame.

:14 Before: It’s a woman. She’s talking. Maybe she’s talking to herself. She’s wearing a sweatshirt, so maybe she’s cold. The camera is at a weird angle, so you can’t really see anything.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.32.44 AM

After: A different woman. She’s not white. She’s talking, but I don’t know if it’s to herself or if someone is with her. She has one a sweatshirt. Maybe she’s cold, maybe she just came back from the gym. I can’t see her hands to see if she’s married or not. I have no idea what is on that table, but it doesn’t seem to have any importance since it’s blurred out. There seems to be a pattern with all the still frames. There’s only one focus in every frame, and it’s never the person. In fact, the people in the frames are being pushed to the outside and out of the picture.

:15 Before: The child is in focus. I think the people in the back are the child’s parents. The word “maybe” is on the screen. I have no idea what it could possibly mean. “maybe” they’re not the child’s parents. “Maybe” the child isn’t a child, but it really an alien.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.33.50 AM

After: Now that I see the child, and I’ve already seen the commercial I have a better sense of what it’s all about. It’s safe to assume the man and woman in the back of this picture are the child’s parents. The parents are not in focus, but the child is. So i’m going to say the commercial is all about the child. It’s about all children. The word “Maybe” is on the screen. “Maybe” is a very unsure word. Maybe the parents are unsure about their child. The parents are just kind of looking into the child’s direction. Maybe she’s playing and they think it’s adorable. The child’s parent’s don’t wish to play with her.

:16 Before: “Maybe is all you need” appears on the screen with a white back drop.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.45.25 AM

After: “Maybe is all you need,”appears on the screen. This is implying that if you’re second guessing anything you need to go find answers. If you’re thinking “maybe I have to try outs tonight!” You should probably go if you want to make the team. So “Maybe is all you need,” is basically saying, if you’re saying maybe you need to go find answers right away and turn that maybe into a yes or no.

:17 Before: “Maybe is all you need to find out more about autism” appears on the screen with a white back drop. So now I’m assuming this whole commercial has to do with autism awareness. This stays on the screen for the next ten secondsScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.46.47 AM

After: “Maybe is all you need to find out more about Autism,” It’s pretty self explanatory.

:27 Before: So the commercial is about autism awareness.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.48.45 AM

After: The commercial is clearly about autism awareness. In the beginning the man is trying to get his baby’s attention, but the baby cannot focus. The second lady, although her facial expression was concerned, her still frame wasn’t as much help as the others. However, she follows the pattern of adults being pushed out of each still frame. The next one is the black lady with her husband. She could have been taking a picture of her child for keepsakes or something; however, the eyes of the child that we’re seeing through keep looking farther away from her and her husband. Up next is the woman with the peas. She didn’t do anything specific. However, her feeding peas is how I knew there is a child present. And then the lady in the car making her way out the the right side of the still frame and slowly fading out. The lady with the ring is most definitely a mom. She has on a mom sweater. Next is the woman talking, she was the only one that was no help for guessing the commercial. She has no emotional attachment to anything in the still. She’s just kind of speaking out loud. And now to tie it all up with the last picture, they finally show the child. Showing that there is a child presents helps everyone to understand that this whole time, we were looking through the eyes of a child with autism.

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