Reflective Statement-cswilliams15

Core Value 1: I fully understood that writing was both a multi-stage and social process. Since the beginning of the semester I have been building my work so that I could form it into one portfolio. I took each of my short papers that I wrote and form it into one long paper about my topic. I also did a lot of editing for a few of my assignments so they would be perfected by the time I was ready to hand my portfolio in. We had also discussed aloud on how each of us were doing on our papers in class, which actually helped a lot.

Core Value 2: When I was writing my papers, I found a lot of sources that helped my argument. There were many sources that I found at the beginning of the process that helped me get an idea that I was aiming for. I ended up not using them as sources on my papers. They were good and help brainstorm on what each position that most people have taken on mass shootings, but they weren’t the sources that I was looking for. I never could have found a way to cite them in my papers to along on with the points I was trying to make. The new sources I found later on in the process helped out a lot, so I ended up using those sources instead in my papers. These quotes went along well with what point I was trying to make about my topic.

Core Value 3: During the whole process I was thinking about the type of audience I was writing to. The majority people I was thinking about were students that attend college and high school since majority are the victims of mass shootings. I was also thinking about the parents and friends who have been hurt from mass shootings by losing their love ones. I wanted to get my point across that no one should have to go through losing their love ones through mass shootings. I also had a lot of purpose for this topic given the fact that I feel so strongly about mass shootings. I was working toward a goal to get my opinion on the topic along with facts and statistics about mass shootings.

Core Value 4: I found out that some of my sources came from the same website and author. The author shared the same views as me, which really helped me throughout my papers. I tried to make it as I was going to make my point and then I would have a source to support my claim. Sources are also important because that is where most information comes from when writing papers.

Core Value 5: I always took consideration of every viewpoint. The topic that I picked is a very debatable topic and deals with some of the problems that the nation is facing today. I gave all suggestions on how to deal with mass shootings but with those suggestions I also gave cons about that suggestion. I still went with on what I thought should be done on how to handle mass shootings. I also discussed on what most people thought what the main cause of mass shootings and then compared it to my opinion on what I thought the problem with mass shootings.

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