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Many states around the country, use the death penalty to punish a criminal. When states use the death penalty, they execute too many of their own citizens. The death penalty is a punishment of death by being executed. The death penalty is to deter crime, but it does more harm than good. The states that allow death penalty do not realize the negativity this “solution or punishment,” brings to the table. Capital punishment demonstrates violence to other people, it shows others there is no human rights, and it goes against what every state and justice system stand by. The death penalty results into too many negative factors, rather than positive; leaving it to no be possibly administered fairly and must be abolished.

It is currently legal to kill an inmate in 31 states by injecting their body with lethal drugs, electrocution, and gunning them down. Legal punishment violates one of the most important right anyone believes they should have, the right to life. States that practice capital punishment deny the right to live to incoming inmates. Most people do not know, When the body is injected, the inmate will begin having dramatic seizures, foaming at the mouth, eyes start rolling back, and die within 10 minutes.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights state, “no one shall be subjected to cruel and degrading punishment,” in which the death penalty violates. No matter what a person has done, everyone should have a say on their own life, whether if they have done wrong or not.

The states that take part in capital punishment may violate human rights but it also violates what the Justice System of each state want. In general, each justice system want to prevent violence and criminal activity. The death penalty itself is violent. When electrocuting, gunning down, or injecting lethal drugs in the body all falls under a violent category. They want less violence, but they are performing a violent act themselves. A state will punish an inmate for murdering someone because it’s against the law, but the punishment an inmate receives is to be murdered themselves. It is hypocritical for states to allow capital punishment and violates the words they stand by.

The criminal justice system in the U.S is suppose to deter or prevent violence and crime, rehabilitate convicts, and incapacitate dangerous criminals. Other than taking a life away, states should realize other solutions to serve the justice system’s functions. An obvious and other used solution is giving an inmate life in prison. Although prison can be dangerous it self, life in prison is certainly deterrent because it discourages criminals to take action, when committing a crime. Life in prison serves a better solution than executing an inmate and most importantly gives an inmate the right to live.

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