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A pair of lungs is introduced. They seem to be pink and full, like healthy lungs. The lungs are in the darkness though.. possibly meaning something bad is happening/has happened to them. As they come closer in this frame, they seem to have little fibers coming off of them; the pair is made of these fibers. Finally, as the lungs are as close as they can be to the camera, we are shown that the lungs are made of matches. The director probably has done this to later show how smoking can be damaging to your lungs.


Now we see that the matches have been lit and they are on fire, spreading one by one on the entirety of the lungs. The camera zooms in on each burning part to show how it is spreading. I believe, once again, that the director has done this to show us how smoking can kill our lungs and permanently damage them.


The camera zooms out to show the burning lungs as a whole. The sides of the once healthy lungs are continuing to go up in flames and the fire burns brighter and bigger as the seconds go on. This tells us that even just lighting one match will begin a rapidly spreading fire (rapidly spreading lung disease or even lung cancer, as the director, I think, wants to show the audience).


The camera now zooms in to on top of the lungs, and the lungs are now entirely up in flames. They are now not a pink/neutral color like they were to start, but a black coloring from the fire. It’s hard to believe that lungs can deteriorate that quickly just from lighting one match.. but this director wants his audience to really SEE this damage.


We begin to see the matches fall off of the lungs to the ground, one by one. The lungs are quickly deteriorating from the fire started, and the lungs will soon probably turn to black.


The damaged lungs have now turned into the healthy lungs with matches that we witnessed in the first few frames on the video. They are not on fire, but still made of matches. The lighting in the background has lightened; we see a white room with two windows on the left side. There is no furniture, people, or anything to be seen besides the lungs in the center of the frame with the room shown in the background. Will the director show people with lung disease? Or maybe a doctor will appear?


The lungs have one match lit, but it goes out fairly quickly. The lungs are brought closer into the frame, and the lighting of the background becomes extremely bright. The lungs are still back to how they looked in the beginning of the video.


The director removes the lungs from the frame, and we now see a machine. It looks like an MRI machine, and there is a door in the back of the room. I think the director is showing that it is important to get screened for lung disease if you are smoking, or around anything that can damage your lungs.


The director zooms on in the MRI machine, or scanning machine in other words, and comes up with text saying “”. Clearly, we now know that his or her intentions were to show how damaging smoking can be to your lungs, but also to get scanned regularly to check for lung disease and lung cancer. Lung cancer can occur in people who smoke frequently, and can grow very quickly as well. This is especially for if you are high-risk on top of smoking. Showing the matches burn and fall off of the lungs may scare people into taking better care of their bodies and forming more healthy habits.

video link : Lung Cancer Screening

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