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Section 5 is mainly a definitions claim. It states that 30 percent of wives of Croatian veterans have experienced secondary trauma, it also says that other studies found that the percentage was 39 percent. The author says that secondary trauma is akin to a disease and not something that is strictly obtained from a traumatic incident.

It’s at this point that section 5 turns into a causal claim, the author starts by talking about a kindergartener named Katie Vines. Vines was described as a troubled little girl but still cheerful, one day in class she spat on another student and could not come up with a justifiable reason to why she did it, she’s said to have been “unsure” why she did it. The section goes on to say that the main emotion she felt was anger, stating that “she just made me…so.MAD.” and “I was so mad.” Which was stated in the last sentence of the 5th section.

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