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The Buy-One-Get-One Dilemma For my research I want to look into the business practices of the buy-one-give-one company of Toms to see if their “buy-one-give-one” model of conducting business is really helping those who it it claims to help. My … Continue reading

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E04: Critical Reading- Themrpublicdisplayname

PTSD ARTICLE CLAIM BREAKDOWN “Is PTSD contagious”- Contagious is a term that is often used when talking about bacteria based (microbe based) diseases (measles, smallpox) so are we putting PTSD, a psychological condition in the same category as measles? Also … Continue reading

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Stone Money Rewrite- Themrpublicdisplayname

Rock Dollars and Invisible Cents The idea of currency is imaginary, a complicated idea to many. However, the value of said money within the our currency system is very real to us all. Who is to say that rocks cannot … Continue reading

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Summaries- Themrpublicdisplayname It seems counterintuitive to think that “buy-one-give-one” companies like Toms actually may not be helping as much as one might think, however that seems to be the problem. Certain companies, such as Toms, have a system where whenever a … Continue reading

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Visual- Themrpublicdisplayname

:01- A car comes into view. No implications of the driver can be drawn. The car is passing through what seems to be a residential area. Flowers suggest the time of the year to be maybe spring or summer. Also … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Themrpublicdisplayname

The idea of a currency is extremely complicated, and this could be attributed to the fact that money, the basic building block of a currency, is also an extremely complicated subject. Up to this point, and mostly due to my … Continue reading

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