My Hypothesis-Venom2929

1.CBD is better a better option to treat pain rather than prescription medications

2. Why CBD has many benefits for treating pain and mental health.

3. Why athletes are switching to CBD products instead of pain medications to improve their health.

4. Different types of CBD products to help treat pain.

5. CBD products can save people more money rather than buying medications.

6. CBD is reducing drug cravings and can save more people from overdose.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis-Venom2929

  1. davidbdale says:

    I have no objection to a hypothesis ABOUT CBD, venom, but it will have to be much more specific than this one, unless you want a chance at a C, and no better, for your best possible work. I could write (you probably could too) this paper in an afternoon doing nothing more than searching for “Benefits of CBD” on google. In fact, let’s try. The result would not reflect any research and would be a complete waste of your time (though granted, not much of it). What we’re looking for is a chance for you to learn something, be surprised by something, in the course of serious research into a VERY NARROW field of inquiry: a chance to add something to the world’s understanding. We’ll chat about this in our Zoom Conference today. Be ready with an angle.


  2. davidbdale says:

    I just tested my hypothesis that if I did a quick Google search for “Benefits of CBD” I’d be overwhelmed with dozens of sources that already purport to have discovered what you’re proposing to research. Here’s the link:
    I scrolled 25 pages in (250 matches) and I was still getting pages full of articles listing the “benefits of CBD” in one way or another, including more than a dozen about the benefits for dogs.
    The broad topic is just not a worthy subject for research, venom. All you’d have to do is list two dozen supposed benefits and quote those who make the claims. 3000 words of nothing new.


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