counterintuitive predictions continued

20.unikely unreasonable bad

21.likely reasonable bad

22.likely reasonable bad

23.likely reasonable bad

24.true reasonable bad

25.likely reasonable bad

26.true reasonable bad

27. likely reasonable good

28.true reasonable bad

29.true reasonable bad

30.likely not crazy good

31.likely reasonable bad

32.true reasonable good

33.false unreasonable bad

33.false unreasonable bad

34.false unreasonable bad

35.likely reasonable good

36. likely reasonable good

37.likely reasonable bad

38.likely reasonable good

39.unlikely unreasonable wrong

40. likely reasonable good

41.likely reasonable bad

42.likely reasonable bad

43. likely reasonable good

44.likely reasonable good

45.true reasonable bad

46.likely reasonable good

47.true reasonable good

48.true reasonable good

49.false reasonable good

50.likely reasonable bad

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1 Response to counterintuitive predictions continued

  1. davidbdale says:

    Dancingueen, if I could move these for you and attach them to your username, I would. Unfortunately, if I transfer them where they belong, they’ll appear to have been written by me, not you.

    This assignment does not require a new post. Copy and paste your answers into a Reply to the assignment post:

    You’ll see when you get there that there are already more than 30 Replies to the post.


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