Visual Rewrite – Cleveland Brown

0:00 – Shows two parents leaving their house with a bunch of care items for their children as they go into their car.

0:03 – The camera does a zoom in on the mom’s face and shows that she is leaving the house with confidence and swagger as she holds her son and drinks in her hand.

0:04 – The camera zooms out and shows the dad holding a stroller and some toys, while looking down giving his daughter a command. And the mom looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world while holding their son and the drinks.

0:05 – Camera zooms in on the little girl holding of the toys her dad is carrying and looks like she is either trying to keep up with him or trying to guide him somewhere.

0:06 – The camera is still zoomed in on the daughter and looks like she is pulling the toy in order to guide her dad somewhere. The camera zooms out showing the dad about to drop the stroller and everything in his hands. The mom starts to look more concerned whereas before she looks like she has the hang of things.

0:07 – The camera zooms in on mom looking concerned and frustrated.

0:08 – The camera zooms out showing both the mom and dad trying to readjust themselves so they can get in the car.

0:09 – The camera is now back on mom, and she looks more stressed and is losing the grip she has on her son. The camera is on both parents and now the dad is losing his grip on the stroller and toys.

0:11 – Shows the dad still dropping things, and still trying to eat a biscuit.

0: 13 – Shows the family and the dad is now behind the mom and looks like he is falling over because of all the stuff in his hands. The mom now has her son in her arm with the drinks in the other hand and her daughter in front of her, while still looking stressed. The camera zooms in on the dads’ legs showing that he is dropping some of the kids toys on the ground.

0:15 – shows the daughter in front of both parents. The daughter has a huge smile on her face while her mother and father are in the background struggling to stand and walk with the items in their hand. Now all of them make it to the van, the mom puts her drinks on the roof of the van. And the dad follows behind her. The daughter is by the door and drops the toy that is in her hand.

0:18 – The mom and dad are now putting the kids into the van. The mom has the son while the dad has the daughter.

0:20 – The camera shows the dad and the daughter. The dad is putting the seatbelt on his daughter’s car seat while she is smiling and eating dry cereal out of a bowl.

0:21 – The camera zooms in on the dad locking the seatbelt.

0:22 – Camera shows dad and daughter and she splashes the cereal in her dad’s face while being happy.

0:23 – Shows the mom putting her son in the car seat. The son is calmer than his sister.

0:24 – Camera zooms in on the mom fastening the seatbelt on her son.

0:25 – Shows it was an ad for the right seat.

In my opinion I believe the purpose was that you are never too busy to not buckle your seatbelt. The reason I say this is because they show a couple with two kids. Now both parent’s hands are full of their kids’ items. At first, they make the mom look like she has everything handled. And in a matter of seconds, it went from a stress-free trip to the car to a stressful one. After the daughter messed up the concentration of the dad the mom also started to mess up and they both were losing grip of the items in their hands. They also give you the idea that the dad hasn’t had that much time to eat as even though he is dropping stuff he is struggling to eat a biscuit. After they get to the van both parents make sure both kids are fastened safely in their seatbelt. And because they didn’t show the parents getting buckled up too, I believe that the company was showing parents to remember that their kids are buckled up..

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