01 TUE JAN 17


Welcome to your New Class

1. Text your Professor at 856 979-6653

  • Text your Full Human Name (and your Username if you’ve selected one)
  • Also text the code for your class: C2 SP23
  • Also mention the 8AM class or the 930 class.

2. Email your Professor at

  • Tell him how much you are already enjoying class or how little you are enjoying class.
  • Sign your real human name.
  • Again identify whether you’re in the 8AM class or the 930 class.
  • Create and share the username you’ll use for the Class Blog.
    • It can be anything you like and does not have to be unique.
      • Don’t use any recognizable derivation of your human name.
      • Its purpose is to protect your identity.

3. Quick Review of the Course Blog:
Counterintuitive Spring 2023

4. Your Professor will send an email invitation to become
an Author at the Course Blog.

5. Click “Accept invitation.”

6. This will happen:


  • Don’t use your nickname, any derivation of your actual name, or any name that makes reference to your obvious physical features or characteristics.
  • The purpose of the username is to protect your identity so that you can comfortably publish to this public blog and receive your feedback here without fear of being identified.
  • If WordPress does not accept your username, add string of numbers until it does.
  • We can strip out the numbers later and retrieve your intact username.

8. Write your username and password on your Name Card.

9. Turn in your Name Card to your Professor for safe-keeping.

10. Collect your Activation Email

  • It was sent to the same email address we’ve been using.


My Hypothesis

You’ll begin almost immediately to develop a hypothesis for your semester-long Researched Argument. The first draft will be due a week from today, TUE JAN 24, and you’ll need to defend a well-developed draft with your Professor before TUE JAN 31. Let’s take a quick look at the process.

Link to My Hypothesis

Take-Home Task

First Counterintuitivity Example
A Discussion at Canvas

You don’t have to write about human psychology (or psychological experiments), but they do provide a rich source of unexpected results that run counter to our intuitions (See where we got the word counterintuitivity?).

your first assignment will be to contribute to a Discussion at Canvas.

For the 8:00AM Class: https://rowan.instructure.com/courses/3687932/discussion_topics/21581473/

For the 9:30AM Class: https://rowan.instructure.com/courses/3687933/discussion_topics/21581466/

  1. Follow instructions at Canvas.
  2. Follow this link to the Stanford Prison Experiment Video.
  3. Watch carefully and monitor your reactions.
  4. Note the places/times in the video when your expectations are disappointed.
  5. Follow up by consulting at least two of the following sources for further investigation of the topic.
  6. Return to class on THU JAN 19 ready to discuss.
  7. Your Class Notes on Thursday will reflect the depth and perceptiveness of your thinking.

    Additional Sources. Consult at least two:

15 Responses to 01 TUE JAN 17

  1. chickenfingers203 says:

    Daily class notes will be posted in the replies
    All work will be conducted on the blog
    Find a hypothesis that no one agrees with


  2. rowanluver29 says:

    -All work and feedback will be conducted on the blog instead of canvas. (Feedback will be public)
    -Grades will still be posted and linked up with canvas.
    -Hypothesis is due January 24. (Topic based on anything cared about)
    -You win whether your hypothesis is true or not.
    -Your thesis starts with the hypothesis.
    -There will be 3 meetings with professor before the end of the semester.
    -We will write 3 short essays during the semester (1000 words each), that will be a part of our final project/portfolio.
    -Discussed the steps that follow a hypothesis, in which we will follow when we post by Jan 24. Link above.


  3. Senpai Pio says:

    -Daily notes will be in the reply’s.
    -We talked about writing counter intuitive, and just by putting words on a page does not mean it is an idea.
    -Work on a broad topic to finalizing it to a counter intuitive claim for the hypothesis due next week.


    • davidbdale says:

      I’m not sure I follow “just by putting words on a page does not mean it is an idea,” Senpai Pio (love that name!).

      My slightly ridiculous claim is that we have no ideas until we commit them to language, either by writing them on the page, or speaking them to someone else, or converting them into an internal dialog. In other words, ideas are LANGUAGE. And until we deliberately convert our impressions into language, they’re not ideas at all.

      If what I’ve said is true, there’s no sense in the claim, “I have an idea, but I can’t put it into words.”


  4. pinkmonkey32 says:

    -all agendas and deadlines will be updated as we go
    – canvas will only be to find grades, all work and deadlines are on blog
    – your hypothesis should be counterintuitive and due next Tuesday
    – your hypothesis should be something your passionate about or interested in
    -go through steps illustrated on hypothesis page to create a good hypothesis
    – assignment (discussion board and video) ready on canvas, we will be having a conversation about the topic on Thursday in class
    -type your notes from video right onto discussion board (note when your surprised, disappointed, eat.)


  5. tristanb50 says:

    -6 hours of work/week
    -Final grades are discussed and agreed upon
    -Keep blog activity anonymous
    -Class notes are replies to daily blogs
    -First drafts of research arguments are due 1/24/23, and revised 1/31/23
    -Begin developing counterintuitive hypothesis
    -Canvas discussion on Stanford Prison Experiment, find 2 additional sources


  6. girlno3 says:

    1/17 class notes
    – counterintuitive means something we wouldn’t expect to be true
    – Discussed the importance of signing up for the website and using it to stay up to date on the class
    – Hypothesis on how ants can find their way back to their nest
    – One possibility being their scent and sense of smell to get back
    – How do they know when to stop? Count their steps?
    – Ways to test: glues stilts to their legs for the way back, making the steps larger causing them to pass their nest
    – First hypothesis due Monday January 23rd at 11:59 PM
    – Concussions in football
    – Too broad of a topic for a hypothesis
    – Try choosing a topic from the list of the ones under the topic that may be too broad
    – Essay is 3,000 words (sounds like a lot, its not)
    – Continue to narrow the broad topic you have to a less broad counterintuitive hypothesis


    • davidbdale says:

      Really like your Notes, GirlNo3. By the way, 3000 words is a 10-page paper, not much product for a full semester writing course. It’s breaking it into chunks and artfully revising them that adds so much value to the single research paper. I hope the process works for you.


  7. rowanstudent6 says:

    Today I was introduced to the idea of counter intuition which will be a focal point of the class. The goal of our hypothesis should be to think of an idea that is widely ignored, but which has merit. Ideas are a important to this class as is the acknowledgement that I know nothing and that my work is terrible with spots of promise.


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