Visual Rhetoric—ziggy

The ad opens to a man putting on gloves. He’s in a well-lit room and we can assume is midday. The audience cannot tell who he is or what he is doing, but from what can be seen he looks strong, athletic, and the looks of the clip show a sense of determination. After he puts his glove on, the next clip cuts to him sitting down on what is presumably a couch or a chair. There is a piece of furniture to the side of him, possibly a shelf, and he is putting athletic shoes on. He has gloves on both hands, a nice watch on his right hand so he is most likely left-handed, and he has various bracelets on the other hand. The next clip shows him in the same well-lit room exercising on a stationary bike. There is not much more to this clip, but it confirms the suspicions that he is athletic in some way. There is a short cut to the man sitting on a couch speaking to the camera. There is an American flag hanging over some sort of fence or barrier in his home and he is wearing a clean shirt. He looks clean and well-kept, and his house is well organized and tidy. This very short segment cuts to a steady picture of him in front of some sort of aircraft outside in a military uniform. He is looking at the camera and the text on screen reads “Chris Jachimiec, USAF First Sergeant” In the next clip we see him speaking to the audience once again. The camera is at a new angle this time with him directly in front of the camera and the flag blurred in the background. The camera stays on him speaking for a bit and then changes to a pan of a picture frame. There are three people in the picture, but the whole frame is not shown. The camera then cuts to him holding a box. On the box are the words “In Loving Memory, Adam John Jachimiec”. Behind the box is a flag so the audience can assume that this is in memory of a family member in the military that has passed. The next clip is the man starting longingly at the box with nothing else in frame. The angle then changes to him once again on the stationary bike, this time however, he looks more melancholy than determined and eager. The angle changes to focus on his feet moving while exercising. In the background we can see a dresser and a wall. The wall is out of focus, but a few pictures can be seen, although they are blurry. The next clip is a closeup of the man putting bullets into a secured box with padding. His hands are wrinkled, and he is placing them carefully into the case. The next clip shows him placing the case onto a shelf, again, very carefully. All his actions are smooth and precise. Nothing is accidental or chaotic about his movement. The next clip shows him locking a safe. We can infer that the case he was putting the bullets into was this safe, and he is taking the proper steps to lock it safely. After this clip, the man is once again shown on screen with the blurred flag in the background. The clip is cut off by the end text showing the words “Service Never Stops”. We can infer from this that the ad is about gun safety. 

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3 Responses to Visual Rhetoric—ziggy

  1. davidbdale says:

    One pair of gloves, or is it a pair of gloves OVER another pair of gloves? Bracelets or wristbands? Jewelry or something with a mission or purpose? Maybe even a message printed on it? Why no head or face? The concentration here is on body parts, in motion at every second, turning like pistons, functioning, purposeful, smooth, the hands and forearms. The clothing too is functional, fitted, tight to the body. There is nothing accidental about the shoes. They’re machines. It’s odd that all this purposeful motion, all the twisting and careful tightening of gear should result in a body on a bicycle that doesn’t go anywhere, that burns energy solely for the sake of an activity that results in nothing but a tighter body. An American flag HANGS ACROSS THE FRAME OF THE BIKE during the “ride.” That’s what I see in the first two seconds.

    Looking for a Rewrite here, Ziggy. Challenge yourself.


  2. davidbdale says:

    1. Before you make any revisions, Copy and Paste your content BACKWARDS into a post called Visual—ziggy.
    2. I’ve already re-named this post Visual Rewrite—ziggy.
    3. Make all revisions, and conduct all feedback conversations, on the REWRITE post.
    4. I’ve created a new category called Portfolio Ziggy.
    5. Open your Rewrite posts for all short arguments, and for your Research post, in Edit, and place them all in the new Portfolio category.
    6. Check the sidebar after refreshing to see the number change alongside your Portfolio category.
    7. It currently says Portfolio Ziggy (1).
    8. When it gets to Portfolio Ziggy (8), there’s a good chance you’ll have a complete Portfolio.
    9. Continue to revise the posts in your Portfolio until you’re satisfied with them.


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