Visual Rhetoric- Queen Random

The video opens on a busy bar focused on a man in a flannel happily getting a beer and looking towards two other men engaged in conversation. They all look like they’re having a fun time enjoying themselves. The man in the flannel shirt looks very drunk because he stumbles and looks down to his cup. The next thing we see is a guy at a lively barbecue is holding a red solo cup. He goes to drink it and makes a questioning look, almost wondering, if he’s had enough. We go to a tailgate and a man in a red and white shirt is celebrating looking happy also with a red solo cup. We go back to the man in the flannel shirt and barbeque reaching for their keys looking concerned. Someone off-screen throws the guy in the white shirt their keys and he catches them quickly still looking happy. The guy in the flannel shirt has his keys in his hand and looks up concerned, questioning if he should keep them. We his internal fight. Both the flannel guy and the barbecue guy nod to themselves in resolution ‘ I’m drunk I shouldn’t drive.’ and safely put their keys back into their pocket. They decide for the safety of themselves and others they shouldn’t drive inebriated. The man in the white shirt tosses the keys back offscreen. We see him get into the back of a car and put on his seatbelt. On the screen, we’re shown the words         “ Plan Ahead. Catch a Sober Ride. Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.”

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