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Pre-game rituals for athletes will overall improve the way you will perform.


  1. Integrating pre-game rituals and pre-performance routines in a culture-specific context: Implications for sport psychology consultancy

Background: The articles goes over how superstitious rituals can optimize performance as they also use psychology consultancy to assess players and their rituals.

How I intend to use it: This article will help me gain some basic research of the phycology behind having rituals and just the overall concept of having a pre game ritual.

2. “Useful tips to avoid Performance Anxiety

Background: Anxiety is a big thing in sports when it comes to playing games or maybe even practicing. There are ways to calm your anxiety and to focus your self and one of those way is a pre game ritual.

How I intend to use it: I intend to use this article to show my readers that rituals have other purposes than just to look cool. Rituals can calm you down and make you more locked in and focused at the task at hand and not worrying about anything else or what could go wrong.

3. “Implicit Religion and the Use of Prayer in Sport

Background: It goes over how prayer in sport is typically a big ritual for some players, and when you sport related pray it is mainly to help you succeed and performance enhancement.

How I intend to use it: I intend to use this by showing my readers that prayer is a way for some players to seek performance enhancement in their game or even pray for a big win, which overall encourages them.

4. “Superstitious Behaviour in Sportspersons in Relation to Their Performance at Intercollegiate Level

Background: They got together with athletes to analyze and and test if pre game rituals have an actual affect on performance.

How I intend to use it: This article uses experiences from actual; athletes describing how they feel after pre game rituals and why they do it.

5. Sports, Psychology, and Superstition

Background: This article goes over the psychological factors that affect a players performance and goes over how rituals play a part in all of them.

How I intend to use it: I intend to use this article as a way to show my readers that rituals do play on different factors such as emotions, motivation, confidence, intensity and focus. All which will affect a players performance.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    When you first posted it, this was a preliminary assignment. It passed then, but now it’s far behind where it should be, Anonymous.

    Use this White Paper to take Notes and record your impressions of your sources AS YOU READ THEM, the best way to begin converting your research material into language of your own you can export to your short arguments when it’s time to draft them.

    This post will be regraded from time to time, or on your specific request.


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