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Have you ever seen a rehab commercial where the person preaches about how they are not a drug addict anymore? It is nice to see that the person is not on drugs anymore, however, people need to know the definition of the word “addict”. An addict is a term used for someone who is dependent on a legal/illegal substance or prescription medication, according to the Mayo Clinic. The word addict is also used to describe someone with an addictive personality. The former is the more familiar definition of the word. However, I do not think people realize that it can be defined by the latter. I do not believe people realize that addiction could actually be related to a person’s genetic predisposition. People do not realize that an addict’s addictive personality means he or she has a psychological

These commercials make rehab centers look more like a resort rather than a place to go to become better. It makes rehab seem like sunshine and rainbows; it makes rehab treatment look easy, which I feel like is misleading to viewers. Everyone is smiling like they are at a spa. Rehab is hard. Rehab takes effort and perseverance. Then again, maybe they just want to show that rehabilitation is the right way to go when dealing with addiction, a point with which I can completely agree on. Now back to the person talking in the commercial. It is easy to say that someone is not taking or using drugs anymore, but has their addictive personality changed? One’s personality describes who they are as people and addicts will always be addicts no matter how long they have been sober.  Addiction can be labeled as a psychological disorder due to the person’s addictive personality and psychological disorders are not something that can be cured. These psychological disorders can only be treated. Therefore, when looking at addiction as a psychological disorder there is no actual cure. I personally feel that giving people hope that addiction can be cured is wrong. If they get one sip of the alcohol they have been abstaining from or one puff of that cigarette they have been avoiding or they decide to snort cocaine for one last hoorah, what is going to happen? The person will relapse. Their addictive personality sucks them back in to what they have been trying to stay away from.

Addicts cannot say they are not addicted anymore. They can only say they are not using the drugs anymore. As I said, their personalities have not changed. The fact that an addict of any kind cannot have a tiny bit of what they were addicted to without going over the edge proves that they will never be cured. They can get better and not give in to their urges. But they will never be cured because if they do give in, then they lost the fight. However, hope is not lost. Just because there is not a cure does not mean life cannot be better.

Like I said, there may not be a cure, but there is treatment. Addicts should be treated more as a psychology patient rather than a social problem. This would help many addicts be treated and learn that they must stay away from what they were addicted to rather than just avoiding it for a time being. One reason some addicts do not go to these rehab centers is that they cannot afford them. Many rehab centers require larger amounts of money than these addicts can afford, and some of these addicts are not covered by insurance. This problem can usually be seen in the poorer areas of towns and cities where everyone struggles to get by. So, how are these addicts supposed to be treated? They cannot be. They sometimes cannot pay out of pocket and will just go back to the situation they were in.

Another reason some addicts choose not to go to rehab treatment, not because of the cost, but because of the negative stigma attached to it. They do not want their stuck up neighbors to know that they will have to spend thirty days in treatment and be labeled as a former drug addict. Their reputation in society would be ruined. So, they keep it all a secret. Meanwhile, they have an actual problem. An addiction problem, a psychological problem, and maybe even another psychological problem that the addiction could be

Whether you are rich or poor, addiction does not care. It can get anyone at the right moment, especially if their genetics allow them to be prone to temptation. Some people are born with addictive personalities just like some people are born without. Some people are born into wealth while some are born into middle class or poverty. It’s all luck of the draw. No one can decide how and what their born with. It all depends on how that person handles it once they realize what they have been given. For addicts, the decisions might be a bit harder but they have to decide what they want their life to be and if they want treatment. As for every other psychological disorder, there is a specific treatment, like certain medication to keep that person’s mood stable or to keep them in touch with reality. Addicts need rehabilitation of some kind and support systems as treatment to keep them from going off the deep end again.





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