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0:00 – A black woman with bantu knots is sitting on her bed. The bed has a notebook on top of the covers. Perhaps it’s her diary. The room is dark, no lights are on and it illuminates a dark blue throughout the whole room even though it’s daylight outside. She has drawings on her wall, it looks like a treehouse. Her dresser in the corner has a makeup bag and a big mirror. In the reflection of the mirror, she looks sad. Her boyfriend may have broken up with her. The camera is panning closer to her even though the shot starts out a little far away.

0:01 – The woman slowly puts her phone downwards, lowering her head while doing so. The camera continues to pan closer to the woman.

0:02 – The woman tosses her phone on the left side of her body onto her bed covers. The shot then shifts to a close-up of the bottom half of her phone screen. We can see two text bubbles pop up. The boyfriend or maybe a friend or family member texts her, “It’s all in your head,” followed by “just think happier thoughts.”

0:03 & 0:04 – The camera stays still for an extra 2 seconds, enough for the viewer to read the sentences on the phone from time 0:02.

0:05 – The camera is in a still shot view of the black woman’s face. She looks young, about 21 years old. Her bantu knots are blonde and blue. She has a septum piercing and a regular nose piercing, it seems like she’s had it for some time now. The woman looks down at the window sill before looking up towards the window with a sad expression on her face. She seems to be dealing with a sad event and whoever she was texting was giving subpar advice.

0:06 – The next shot is on the side of an Indian woman’s face. She has short brown hair, and she also looks young, around the same age as the last girl. She has dangling earrings and a septum piercing. She looks to be in her home, perhaps at her dining room table. She’s looking down at that table with a sad expression. A girl who looks a little bit younger than her is sitting beside her. She is also looking down at the table.

0:07 & 0:08 – The shot blurs the Indian woman and focuses on the younger girl next to her. She also looks like she could be mixed with Indian, it seems as though it is her sister. The sister is looking at her with a worried expression.

0:09 – A black boy with dreads has his head resting on his hand/arm as he lazily holds the straw of his drink with his other hand. There are two black men across from him, they seem like his friends. He’s drinking water, it looks half full and that also seems to be his emotion. He looks sad and bored. They seem to be in a diner setting based on the red booth seat the man is sitting on and the big window behind him with the weather pouring rain. The camera pans toward him as he stir’s his drink.

0:10 & 0:11 – He slowly looks up at the view of the diner with a depressed look on his face. The shot is now back to the black women in the dark room. She is now laying on her back on the bed, looking at her phone screen. Presumably still texting the person from earlier. The camera slowly starts panning down to see more of her body.

0:12 – The camera pans down and the screen starts to blur with astigmatism.

0:13 – The shot now focuses on a phone screen, the black girl’s phone screen. It shows an app, it looks like Instagram. It shows hearting a picture presumably because that is what is posted on Instagram.

0:14 – A big blue button that says “POST” is in the middle of the screen that then pans to a static screen of a black man’s mouth, he has a beard, and could be around 27 years old. He mouths the words “harden up.” It looks like machinery on the side of him, could be in a subway.

0:15 – In big bubble letters with colors bright blue, pink, yellow, and white, it said “Positive Vibes Only.” The black girl could be looking at positive Instagram pages to make herself feel better. Then an astigmatism phone screen held by a white girls hand. A ring is on her pointer finger, The ring placement is trendy, probably a young teenager around 15 years old. She is looking down at her phone on her couch. Leather material and decorative pillows of acrons surround her.

0:16 – The girl leans back off of her phone and lays down on the couch. Her hair is short and black, she is wearing overalls but she looks older. Late 20’s maybe early 30’s. The camera pans to another angle of her laying on the couch closing her eyes. She seems stressed about her life the way she laid back on the couch quickly.

0:17 & 0:18 – She swallows sharply, seemingly overwhelmed with emotion after what she had seen on her phone. The camera cuts to an asian boy with long brown hair and a green hoodie on, early 20’s possibly her roommate looking over at the white woman laying on the couch. The leather couch and decorative pillows make it known he is in the room with her.

0:19 – He speaks to her, shaking his leg back and forth. He looks serious with a hint of concern with what he is saying.

0:20 – The camera pans to the side of the white woman, close up to her face. She looks at him and then looks down.

0:21 – She does a slight nod of her head before lifting her head up a little off of the couch pillow.

0:22 – The two Indian sisters from before are seen in a bedroom together, they are holding eachothers hands while facing each other and talking. The bedroom pillow is white and the room is lit.

0:23 & 0:24 – The black woman is outside her house, looking down at the ground while leaning on her car. Her expression is sad. Her latina friend with black long hair and bangs is talking to her. Leaning on the side of her friends car, facing her.

0:25 – The shot pans to a wide view of the black and latina girls leaning on the car, outside a local diner. The parking lot is almost empty besides the other car behind them. The diner is lit up yet nobody is inside of it. The words “When the world doesn’t listen, be the friend who does.” Pops up in the middle of the screen.

0:26 – The latina friend playful bumps into the black girl.

0:27 to 0:30 – Seize the Awkward is displayed on screen with a black background. The message “Learn how to help a friend with their mental health at” fades in and the video ends.

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