Visual Rewrite-RowanAnnouncer


The ad starts off with the camera facing a female child’s back. Presumably about 6-10 years of age, two braided pig-tails, and dressed in a blue and white sweater. As the camera is facing her back she speed walks into a room. This room is populated by a small cabinet with a tv on top. You are able to see curtains that are shut with little light shining through. You can assume from this image that it is early in the morning, approximately 8-10am. There appears to be a bed in view based on the messy bed spread, and miscellaneous blankets sprung around the bed. With this in mind you are able to imagine someone sleeping in the bed,or atleast laying down. 


The camera cuts to the female child’s face. Her facial expression shows concern and anxiety. She then opens her eyes very wide showing that she may be surprised by what she is witnessing. The camera then cuts to the child’s back facing the, now confirmed, bed. You are able to see 2 people in the bed. One female and one male. Both ranging from 30-40 years of age. The male is asleep, while you can quickly see the female spring up from her resting position to look at the child. The female’s face showing disorientation, presumably from her previous sleep. Her expression quickly changes to shock.


The female’s face continues to express shock. She quickly contorts her body to look at something to her right. The camera cuts to her looking at the clock displaying the time 9:37. At this moment, from the things we’ve previously seen, you can assume that the people in the bed are the child’s parents, and they have mistakenly slept in. 


As 0:04 starts, the camera is looking at the female’s face. Her expression shows pure shock. She raises her arms slightly, and thrusts it forward in the direction of the man sleeping next to her. With great force she also pushes the man out of the bed. He then quickly awakens.


The camera then cuts to a new environment. You can assume it’s a child’s room because of sports metals, posters, and other miscellaneous possessions. A tall man is seen reaching for the shut curtains, while you can see a child laying in bed. The man slides the curtains, revealing the sunlight upon the child. The camera cuts to the child asleep, but quickly wakes up from the brightness of the sunlight. The now recognizable male child squints and holds up his hand to his eyes, signaling the sunlight is becoming sensitive to his brightness-developing eyes.


The camera cuts to milk being poured into a bowl of cheerio-like cereal. The camera angle is from above so you are able to see the milk being poured directly into the cereal from above. The milk quickly runs out very quickly. The camera cuts to a 40-50 year old man, dressed in a blue robe, brown shirt, and green pants. It appears he is in the kitchen, based upon the counter tops, cabinets, and refrigerator. Another person, dancing, appears in the frame. It is a younger female around 8-12 years old. You are also able to see the man raising the milk to his eye, showing concern, then disdain. You are able to assume the man is concerned about the amount of milk left, but once he sees nothing left he shows clear disdain. 


The camera then cuts to a near ground view of 2 women. The floor is overcome by a mountain (figuratively) of different types of shoes. One of the women is on her knees rummaging through the pile of shoes. The other woman is standing next to her with one shoe in her hand. The shoe appears to be either a soccer, baseball, or field hockey cleat. The woman on her knees is showing a facial expression combination of anxiety and wonder. After quickly rummaging through the pile, she finds the corresponding shoe. Her face transforms from wonder to shock, then to joy. She raises up the shoe in the air to signal for the girl standing to receive it. The camera moves upward to present the full body image of the now recognizably young woman. This young lady grabs the shoe and runs off screen. The woman, still on her knees, shrugs and shows a combination of wonder and disdain for how the young lady runs out of view.


The camera cuts back to the man from 0:08-0:11, on his knees opening the drying machine. You can assume it is the drying machine instead of the washing machine based on how there is a laundry basket below where the man is taking out the clothes. The man pulls out the clothes to present all pink clothing, with the exception of one red garment. The man clearly shows a facial expression of wonder.


The camera cuts to the perspective opposite of the previous direction. The pink clothes are in view along with a young child approximately 8-12 years old. The child’s facial expression is displaying concern. He mouth’s the word Papa, thus confirming that the previous man is the child’s father. The camera cuts back to the father with the facial expression displaying wonder and concern. The man removes the red garment, confirming that it is indeed the culprit of the aforementioned pink clothes. You are able to assume from this interaction that the pink clothes weren’t previously pink before the wash/dry cycle. 


The camera cuts to the view of all the previous children in the car. Each of them fastening their seat belts. They are comically wearing all pink clothing. Each one of them share the same facial expression of satisfaction, as if they are all excited to be traveling somewhere. At once, their facial expressions change to Joy as the camera moves to show both their parents facing them. Their facial expressions also display joy as their heads turn to face the camera. Right before the outro screen appears, the man and woman face each other with the expression of both wonder and satisfaction. 

For context I largely based the facial expressions off this image:

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