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“5 Heated Debates About Hair That Are Dividing Black Women – Page 5 of 5 – Atlanta Blackstar.” Atlanta Blackstar. N.p., 03 June 2014. Web. 02 Dec. 2015.

Background: This Article really dives into the reasons unto the basis of the argument of the history of the argument, and what natural hair is, explains the division in the naturalist community as well.

How I used it: Using this article as my beginning statement, it shows the argument I want to express in my research from the roots unto why this division started, and both sides of the argument, even divisions with both communities. How some do the natural look for self acceptance, and others do the non-natural for others acceptance.

“Perceptions of Natural Hair: The Black Male Perspective.” Clutch Magazine RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2015.

Background: In this article, the issue is what do black men prefer? The author use Facebook and twitter posts to back the argument. A lot of men prefer natural, a lot of men don’t, a lot could care less.

How I used it: I am using this article because it shows that both genders are involved in this argument not just women. It really shows the African american male preference and their thoughts on the subject. Seeing the male side of the argument really provides me with more basis unto my topic.

“Natural Hair vs. Weaves: It’s Time to End This Battle.” A Womyns Worth. N.p., 21 July 2014. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: This essay really talks about both communities defenses. In each defense it is explained why each side chooses how to wear their hair and the emotional background that goes with their choosing.

How I used it : I plan to use this essay by taking what is said in both sides of the defense and explaining how each side really has a lot to do with emotion and self-awareness, when they choose the hair style to wear.

“Natural Hair vs. Weave.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: This short clip explains again on the preference of men, Wendy Williams herself is a weave wearer and tells her audience member if you buy it who cares what your man thinks.

How I used it : This clip I can use to show that the non-naturalists sometimes have issues with wanting to be natural, but prefer the non-natural because it is less maintenance and more versatile.

“Natural Hair Is NOT For Everybody — But Not for the Reasons You Think.”Black Girl with Long Hair. N.p., 09 Aug. 2013. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: In this article it goes into why natural isn’t for everyone, and it is a personal journey when going natural and a lot of maintenance.

How I used it: I want to close with this article because I can really close the issue on why both sides natural and non-natural choose to wear each hairstyle.

“Ladies, Work That ‘fro! 5 Ways to Wear Natural Hair –” CNN. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: This article shows the top styles in the natural look and why it is a healthier root to undamaged hair. This article also explains the self awareness black women obtain when going natural.

How I used it: I used this article because I am pro Natural and I wanted to show you the upside to taking the natural route opposed to taking the unnatural route.

“TOP 5 NATURAL HAIR EXTENSION AND WIG BRANDS | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Care.” TOP 5 NATURAL HAIR EXTENSION AND WIG BRANDS | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Care. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: This source shows how black women are embracing their hair in their natural state. Women are slowly letting go of the relaxer and picking up on new styles and trends of the natural movement.

How I used it: Using this source I wanted to try to appeal to the non-natural side of the movement and show them it is okay to be natural and really fun. Being natural is a self loving, and self rising movement!.

Pickart, Loren. “What You Need to Know About Chemical Hair Relaxers.”The Truth About Hair Relaxers. Real Published Science, n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.

Background: In this article Dr. Loren Pickart explains the dangers of relaxers and why it is important to take the natural road. And Why Loving your hair in its natural state makes you a happier person.

How I used it:  I realized that this article would be a great way to maybe deter black women from using relaxer in their hair. So if i incorporate the real dangers of relaxer maybe just maybe black women might put relaxer down.

“Kiss My Curls: Erykah Badu: A Super Natural.” Kiss My Curls: Erykah Badu: A Super Natural. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: In this article the use I wanted to get out of it was to show that even celebrities are involved in this movement.

How I used It: I decided to use this article because Erykah Badu is a major pillar in the African American women society, she is all about being natural and soulful and full of life. So I thought who better to add to my argument than the queen of Natural herself.

“I Hate the Natural Hair Movement – Curl Centric™.” Curl Centric™. N.p., 20 Apr. 2011. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

Background: In this article it shows how time and development in product has changed the way women wear their hair , and how time makes a huge difference on style and choice in the matter.

How I used It: I used this article to reveal to the audience that time is one of the major components to why women change up their hairstyles. And how 20 years can make a huge difference on a culture.

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