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My Hypothesis- strawberryfields4

Teaching kids calories are bad Health class presenting a low calorie diet as healthy The effect on children of giving calories a negative connotation Teaching children about a balanced diet without negatively labeling certain foods as good or bad will … Continue reading

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Summaries- strawberryfields4

1) Anne Frank’s Diary is a Work of Fiction It seems counterintuitive that one of the most celebrated diaries in history could be a work of fiction. The term “diary” implies that the contents include the real life experiences and … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- strawberryfields4

In 2011, the CIA recklessly chose to pose as Polio vaccinators to assassinate terrorist Osama Bin Laden. This careless tactic has built a lack of trust between the United States and countries that are overwhelmingly plagued with Polio. This distrust … Continue reading

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