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Claims- PitandThePendulum

Section 4 “Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.” Definition Claim– since the claim being made is stated simply and in the first few words of the paragraph. “But some spouses and loved ones suffer symptoms that are, as one … Continue reading

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Bibliography- PitAndThePendulum

Background: This article examines price dispersion comparison and dispersion amongst online booksellers. Prices of books sold by online sellers were proven to be lower than those sold by independent sellers, as large corporations are able to succeed due to their … Continue reading

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Stone Money- PitandThePendulum

Money: The Perfect Illusion If all currency were to disappear today, one could expect results of apocalyptic proportions. Think Great Depression, The Purge, and The Walking Dead (minus the zombies, of course) all at once. Without money, the world would … Continue reading

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