0:01: A middle aged Asian woman with straight black hair wearing a long sleeve shirt and a t shirt on top of it, is on the phone. She is smiling and laughing on the phone which means she is having a good conversation. The camera moves and follows her as she walks around the kitchen talking. She is in the kitchen which looks old and outmoded. Her arm glides across the counter as she is talking on the phone. One of her sleeves is pushed up her arm leading us to believe she may have just finished cooking since she is in the kitchen. The kitchen is very clean so the food could be already made.

0:02: The camera turns to a old man with glasses, short, thin. His hair is gray so we know that he is old. His glasses are big and black which means his eyesight isn’t very good. This man is possibly the woman’s father. He is sitting at the kitchen table and eating what could be the meal the woman had made for him. The camera moves closer to the old mans face to show that he is eating. He is wearing a light green collared button down shirt which is very dressy meaning he may have had a stable job or is wealthy. 

0:03: The camera moves again to show that the woman is sitting across from him at the kitchen table. We know that it is the same woman because the straighten dark hair gets in a small clip. The older man starts smiling and looks happy. This may be for several reasons: she made him a meal and he is thankful, she sat with him as he eats and he enjoys the company, or she mentioned something funny on the phone. 

0:04: Now the camera is facing the living rooming, showing up the old man and the woman. The old man is hunched over with his coat on and with his hand on the door nob which means he is leaving. They are both wearing masks. The woman is holding his back which shows he is unstable and old. 

0:05: The woman places a plastic bag in his pocket which can mean that the old man is going to the store. Now that the camera shows us a better view of the house we can infer that it is the old mans because it looks antiquated. 

0:06: The woman is by herself in a dining room, she looks quite stressed and overwhelmed. We see that she is placing different pills in different containers. This can be easy to infer that these pills are for her father and she needs to make sure he is taking the right doses each day. We see multiple different pill bottles which leads us to believe that the old man is taking different supplements. As she is organizing the pills, we see the wedding band on her ring finger, this means she has partner who she may miss because she is constantly taking care of her father. 

0:07: The camera goes up close to the womans face and her head turns as if she is being altered by something. This doesn’t alarm her or cause her anymore stress so we assume it is not the father. This may have been a random noise, phone call, tv, or someone at the door. 

0:08-0.10: The woman is helping her father get dressed in a bedroom. We can infer that she takes care of him daily since he changing and wearing different outfits. We can infer that her father is getting sicker each day by how he looks thinner and pale. After he is dressed, the woman lightly pulls the shirt down on the arms which shows that the father is having great weight loss. In the bedroom there is a lamp with fringes on the bottom and curtains that is multicolored with green and yellow. 

0:11-0:12: The woman is sitting at the dining room table and the camera shows the old man and the woman. The old man is sitting on the couch with the remote in his hand turning up the tv because he cannot hear it. The woman sitting at the table is on her laptop. The woman looks back and turns her head just a little bit as the tv got louder. She looks irritated and annoyed. This is probably because she had to do something on the computer that needed concentration and now she cant because of how loud the tv is. The camera zooms in on the woman showing her blinking fast and rolling her eyes which shows how irritable she is. She then puts on her headphones and continues working on the computer. 

0:13: The woman is laying in the same bedroom that she was in to dress her father. This shows that she may live with her father or is she is staying there. We know that it is the same bedroom because we see the lamp and curtains again. She is on her phone and shaking her head in an overwhelmed kind of way. We can definitely see how stressed out she is with taking care of her father.

0:14- 0:15-: The camera moves back showing a more wide version of how she is laying down and a box appears on the screen. We see the search bar on her phone and she starts to type the words “Medicare tips”. This shows that she really wants help and be there for her father but it is stressing her out and she is not sure if she can take it on alone. We can infer that she is alone because no one else has appeared in the video so far. 

0:16-0:17: The women is rummaging through a box of files and then the camera goes out wider to show her face and how focused she is to find whatever she is looking for. The boxes are sitting on top of a workout machine showing the clutter and that there is no time for exercise in the house. 

0:18-0:19:  The woman is sitting at a desk. Her hand is covering her face as if she is beyond stressed and overwhelmed. She also seems exhausted because her arm is leaning on the table. She has been going through more files since we see them stacked on top of the desk. 

0:20- 0:21: The woman is looking out the window where it is sunny and she still is upset. This can definitely show her struggles and hard time. She could be feeing alone or in need of help.

0:22: The old man is sitting in his chair reading a book when the woman runs to him with a type of ipad in her hand. She gets down on her knees to be level with him and to show him something. The woman is wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt. 

0:23-0:24: The camera is zoomed in on their faces because we see the woman smile. She is laughing with the old man and seems genuinely happy. This could be because of something on the ipad or because they are together

0:25-0:26:  The woman is putting a pot outside and the words show up on the screen. We can only see her hands but we know it’s the same woman because she is wearing the jeans and plaid shirt as before. 

0:27-0:30: The camera moves to her face where you can see how relieved she is to be doing something that is not causing her stress anymore. 

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