Open Strong—Your Hypothesis

Open Strong Task

Based on sample Openings provided in the Lecture titled “How to Open Lecture/Demo,” write two different opening paragraphs for your Research Position Paper, based on your current best understanding of your topic.

  • Each Opening must contain a thesis sentence that clearly and boldly proclaims the claim you promise readers you will prove.
  • Do not use the same thesis for more than one Opening.
Open Strong


  • Open a new post titled: Open Strong—Username
  • Post to the Open Strong category and to your own Username
  • Write an opening paragraph for your Research Position Paper (in progress).
  • Craft a first sentence that DOES NOT LOSE the argument.
  • A good first sentence:
    • Makes strong, perhaps paradoxical claims.
    • Sums up a very strong argument the essay will make.
    • Is itself an argument.
    • Makes a challenge to the reader.
    • Is memorable.
    • Can be debated, demonstrated, illustrated.
    • Is a good example of itself.
  • The other 3 or so sentences should achieve as many of the “First Sentence” goals as possible . . . each!
  • Repeat to create a second First Paragraph with a different thesis.

DEADLINE: THU OCT 28 (11:59pm WED OCT 27)