It seems counterintuitive but true that the company Toms make shoes that are extremely popular since 2006. Tom’s is a company that has a benefit to it to help those in need. When you buy one of these shoes you are also giving a shoe to someone who is in need of it. This company makes sure to give shoes to everyone they can. They have given more then one million shoes away to those in need.

Tom’s works with communities to help them out as well. For example the manufacturing company is in Indonesia. The kids that attend school get shoes to wear to class. The town gets help from these companies as well. They help their community and don’d just dump work on them and not appreciate the hard work they give. Helping those in need in their community is what they do best.

Many say that Toms doesn’t give a big open story on what exactly they may be doing with all the money they earn. But does it really matter? Everyone needs to make money right? But as long as they are helping out others and doing a good deed why does it matter where all the other money goes? Greedy much.

It is counterintuitive that we as humans spend way to much money trying to keep someone alive that we love so much knowing that they are on the verge of death. We tell our self that the longer we keep them maybe a miracle can happen.

We have so much hope even when the parctritioner has told us that the person is ready to go. They say to never give up right? But at the end of it all, all this money is being put in to just see a life die slower and slower. Knowing that my mother is on the edge of dying I would do anything to keep her longer with me. I just want her to know I still love and care for her.

Is it bad to say that we may be acting selfish? Maybe even nervous of what people may say if we were to say nope out with my mom thats it, what would family and friends say? But its my money my feelings why should it matter right ?

It seems counterintuitive that we cannot resist something so good even if someone tells us they will give us double the amount of what we may have in front of us. It amazes me to know how a child’s mind thinks and how many would have taken the first amount given instead of waiting for more.

Kids were given a masrshmallow and were told that if they can wait 15 mins without touching or eating the delicious treat that they would get acouple more if they can not give into temptation. Of course many gave in and didn’t believe the person that promised to give them extra treats if they waited. As a child three to five years of age of course I would eat it and not care as long as I had something yummy in my tummy.

I imagine my self in that room right now with this diet i’m on and someone were to place me a salted caramel cheesecake and told me if i waited they would give me the whole cheesecake instead, screw that I would honestly be so satisfied that I actually got a bit of something good. But really would you be able to resist that small squishy, white, candy smelling ball shaped delisiousness?

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2 Responses to Summaries-zoeyzoey0210

  1. davidbdale says:

    You forgot to Categorize, zoeyzoey. Open your post in Edit and add it to the E02: Purposeful Summary category and the zoeyzoey0210 category.


  2. davidbdale says:

    1. Zoeyzoey, it’s unclear what’s counterintuitive about your opening sentence? Why should it be surprising that Toms makes popular shoes?
    2. It does seem counterintuitive that more than half of the money spent in this country on health care is spent on people in the last few weeks of their lives, but your first sentence doesn’t identify that broad reality. Instead it looks at individual cases. When we look at one dying relative and their loving family, it doesn’t seem counterintuitive at all that they’d want to keep their loved one with them as long as possible. Revise your observation to focus on what really seems counterintuitive.
    3. I see a disturbing pattern here, Zoeyzoey. When it’s time for you to draw conclusions and persuade readers of your position, you ask questions instead. That will not fly. Rephrase all your questions into bold clear claims.


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