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Causal Chain

Contrary to many beliefs, Madame C.J. Walker was not the inventor of the relaxer and perm. Relaxer, aka creamy crack was stirred up and concocted by an African American man named Garret A. Morgan, a child of forms slaves in Paris, Kentucky way back in 1877. This invention of his was made to be used to manage African americans hair take the regular curls they were use to and relax it (making the hair straight). Many African american women now felt as though it was improper to not fit the European standard and wearing your hair in its natural state was disrespectful.

The invention of relaxer had many African american women walking around feeling all high, and mighty. You could feel as though they felt as though they were caucasian because they had straight hair and no nappy curls. Many women were and are still wearing their hair with relaxer in it. This has caused a division in the community of African American women. Some women still like wearing their hair natural and others like to wear it non-natural. It is crazy how the creation  of a hair product can divide such a great race of human beings apart. This division is a serious debating topic in present times.

A movement has derived from this division. Names have been given to both sides of the divided race. The Naturalists which are the African american women who choose to wear their hair in its natural state and please themselves before they want to please society. Then there is the Non-Naturalist whom are the African american women that are choosing to fit the European standard look by using relaxer in their hair so that they can be apart of society and not be looked at different. Now the non-naturalists have low self acceptance because they rather wear a hairstyle to look like someone else than to wear their natural hair and accept how they look and be themselves. The Natural vs. Non- Natural Hair moment is an on going topic and will continue to be a movement because I see no end to this debate.

( The invention of relaxer caused the division in the african american women community which caused a movement to start later on down the line) ( Causal Chain: X caused Y which caused Z)

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I Hate the Natural Hair Movement

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