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sal palaontino how football explains america goes into fine art detail. The cause of inury and how to prevent these injuries is very important. Properly written in a format where taught fundamentals and omniscient view of the culture of football. The meaning to explain the broad view of not only head trauma but explain how mechanics can be properly adjusted to the viewers and perfomers best interests.

Hypothesis :jounalism and how it changes safety

Journalism can intensify the terrors of safety proclaiming how and what must be fixed. Which is important in everyday writing to explain the fears of the sport. How to fix it with numbers and break down how to prevent injuries such as neck pain, vertigo, Diplopia, pupil size, attention problems, and cranial nerve symptoms.


Not all football players have the same symptoms


Hypothesis:preventing concussions

Not all concussions are preventable but they sure can be withheld or withstanding. Most of them through preperation and opportunity can be prevented. The nfl over the past couple years has made it possible to prevent this. Also in younger athletes has been more studied for safety of these individuals. Many of this research up until 2007 made it easier for football players to be safer dueto studies. Fourteen years later many athletes have felt a lot more safe after lacing up their shoes.

Hypthesis:Equal rights

elimating the bunch of onside kicking formation is a great indicator of stopping clusters of uncomfortable athletes. This creates seperation for more mobile and preventable injuries. The value of each position and where each player is positioned on field helps prevent injuries. This is because of the mindset of the individual helps them create a representation thats clear as to where they should be on field at which time. Many times equal rights come from knowing your position. This is due to behavioral aspects of knowing your role on the field in football. Same goes with any job or sport to prevent injuries.

hypothesis:new movements

The improvement of nfl all starts with being informed as the viewer. Converying the message and allowing the spirt to improve. Many years the past 14 years has allowed such a great course to be initially constructed or discussed. Sports health illustrates football pads and helmets are still improving the wellbeing of these athletes. Numerous studies funded and unfunded have situated such results. To further the well being the sport must be well understood and well refeered.


over years many football from state to state has been improved financially. Well suited players around the league to financially support themselves. Many athletes pursued dreams of becoming these athletes. Moving forward the more we do for the character of these athletes the more we will see results to obtain less injuries. Football being a heavy proclaimer of why we see much of society struggling. The understanding of this will prevent health risks and create less hostile environments. Sticking to a humble career or just staying involved to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is very important in todays society of becoming the people we would like and maintaining a healthy choice.

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Hypthesis :symptoms visible

players being held out on play longer to prevent longer lasting injuries. The more we take precaution thr faster it is to keep concussions from becoming worse. The feature looks on a persons face will be seen by evaluator to determine such a preventable case. Dinged, dazed ,stunned, woozy, foggy , amnemic , rendered unconsciousness individuals may be able to prevent longer lasting injuries by being brought to awareness.

how football explains america…

physiologically football molds an everyday understanding of building a career . we value our thoughts and become adjustingly suitable for such norms. We also become agriculturally fit over time for such field in this regard the nfl. We also grasp the concept of eventually morally or physically fit to suite our own minds. The drive the want such a career can be a suitable fit to understanding how football explains america.

reasoning: to value such a field builds character . Quite like becoming a doctor , pharmacist , nurse ,lawyer or school teacher. The advantages to suit the best path possible d creatmng a safe and well suited path for ourselves. Anything you set your mind to is possible. This is why i think football is agreat sports and explains america to a concise very well. We adapt to the cause and become more suitable for the sport. Nevertheless any career can be changed to suit the common needs of our people. Never lose faith and team sports will economically, financially , and analytically grow. Over he course comparitive to most sports football is most dangerous and can be more safe. Understanding Cause and prevention is very important to no longer allow such thing .

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