E07 – Safer Saws–mom

5A – “Wec says his permanent and ‘”traumatic injury”‘could have been prevented if Bosch and its competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology.”

5B – The claim was made by a man, Ryszard Wec, injured by a miter saw, arguing that the injury could have been prevented if the corporation that made the tool was more considerate of safety mechanisms.

5C – Wec’s claim is causal, stating the correlation of his injury with the fact that Bosch and other saw manufacturers fail to include up to date safety technology with their tools.

5D – When someone is upset with the quality of a product and they make a claim against it, it is possible that the claim could be called outrageous and attention-seeking. Ryszrd Wec’s statement, on the other hand, has logic behind it. Common sense tells us that if a device, specifically a power tool, has safety mechanisms built into it, the chance of injury would be lessened. Although Wec is upset, but it is safe to say that he is accurate and reasonable when he speaks out against the miter saw that permanently damaged his hand.

6A – “Now, many people who have been injured are bringing table saw injury lawsuits against table saw manufacturers for failing to include the safety devices that would protect their customers from losing fingers, hands, arms, and suffering unfathomable pain.”

6B – This claim calls attention to the actions being taken by those injured in an accident involving a table saw. An apparent objective of this claim is to persuade persons injured with table saws to file a lawsuit.

6C – The above claim is factual, stating that many users of table saws who have been injured are now seeking the help of the law.

6D – The claim made can be found on the website of a law firm that feels strongly about protecting those who have been injured by table saws. For someone who has been been in a table saw accident and may be thinking about filing a lawsuit, the statement is persuasive, calling attention to the somewhat graphic nature of saw injuries, such as losing limbs and “unfathomable pain”. The writer speaks of the safety devices that could have prevented the injury. Since there is no number or statistic or provided, we cannot be sure about the accuracy of the claim, as it only provides that “many people who have been injured” have reached out to file a lawsuit.

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