Coleman, Hank, et al. “Why It’s a Mistake Teaching Financial Literacy in Schools.” Money Q&A, 18 Apr. 2019,

Background: This detailed article focused on wether or not it is a mistake to teach financial literacy in schools. The argument proposed, was more favored to the the side of not teaching the topic in schools. Throughout the article they gave enough evidence to support their claim which helped me write my essay.

How I used it: Specifically, this article it helped me construct my Rebuttal argument to build a strong case. This article was the opposite of my claim so it was perfect for that circumstance. They gave many examples like unqualified teachers, the need of parents help and so on. But overall this article helped me write my essay.

Couyoumjian, Cindy. “5 Reasons Why Financial Literacy Is Not Taught in Schools, According to Cindy Couyoumjian.” Medium, Medium, 15 Oct. 2019,

Background:The article focused on 5 reasons why financial literacy is not taught in school. The five reason were in depth and to the point. Just enough to where you can completely understand there point and why they chose these five in particular.

How I used it:Using this article i was able to create my entire essay. It gave me ideas for all three of my arguments. It made me look at my claim from a different perspective, which then gave me more to write about during my research paper.

II, Kevin L. Matthews. “Financial Literacy: Why It’s Not Enough.” The Plutus Foundation, 13 Apr. 2020,

Background: This article is very similar to the first, they went in detail about the importance of financial literacy but how it should not be taught in school. They claimed financial literacy is not enough to gain financial success. They claimed that a course in a high school classroom will not fix our problems.

How I used it: This article helped me build a case within my rebuttal argument .I formed many ideas and principles for this article which help me put the pieces together. This article gave me a different perspective and I also used some information provided by them.

“Who Should Teach Financial Literacy to Kids?” Education for Today and Tomorrow | L’Education Aujourd’hui Et Demain, 29 Oct. 2021,

Background: This article was very detailed on who should teach kids financial literacy. Overall the article came to the conclusion that financial literacy should be taught by the parents of that child. They should be learning throughout their lives and their parents should be the main teachers.

How I used it: I used this as well to create and format my rebuttal essay. It gave me a change of point of view that helped format my own ideas on to the paper.

“Why Financial Literacy Isn’t Enough.” Worth, 24 Feb. 2021,

Background: This article went into detail about why financial literacy is not enough fro success. That simply adding this to the school curriculum will not benefit kids in the future.

How I used it: I used this information provided in the article to form my rebuttal argument. I was able to pull many ideas which helped me create the best piece I could. All and all this article was very helpful in that case.

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