Open Strong- ndb1996

Crack open a cold beer, sit on your cloud-like sofa, and direct your television to the most intriguing football game. Nothing is better than Sunday football and all the perks that tag along with it. As avid fans of our favorite team, we view the players as celebrities. However, what our society forgets to realize through all the hype and excitement of the three hour gridiron battle, is the strain the game of football puts on the bodies of the athletes we idolize. Specifically the trauma to the brain and the head. Recently, concussions have become a more magnified issue in the NFL, but a majority of football maniacs like myself, don’t fully comprehend the extent of a concussion and the long lasting ramifications that come with the concussion process. All we see is the player who felt a bit drowsy after the previous play, standing on the sideline with the team doctor. Suffering a concussion is a lot more serious than many average football crazed fans believe. It is a life long injury that will and has caught up to some of the gridiron greats.

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