There is a white male with short dark hair. He appears to be in his early 20s. He is wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and an  open jacket. His hands are in his jean pockets. He is walking away from stairs and a sign that reads BAR vertically up to down. It appears that he is on the top of a building.


The man looks to his left and starts to take his hands from his pockets.


The man looks to his right, takes his hands completely out of his pockets and adjusts his jacket. He appears nervous as if he’s looking to make sure that no one is around. Or perhaps he is looking for someone.


The camera has changed positions to show the man walking towards a car on what appears to be the roof of a parking garage. There is only one car, however. There are buildings in the background which suggests that the setting is a city.  The space is otherwise vast and empty except for a streetlight with two lights coming out on the right and left sides. The streetlight is next to the car that the man is walking towards. The man stumbles as he steps forward on his left foot.


The camera changes position to show the man’s face as he looks up toward his right. We can say pretty confidently that the man is intoxicated at this point, as his eyes appear glazed over. He is looking at something that is close in proximity. It appears that he is looking at the streetlight since this was the only close thing to his immediate right in the previous shot.


The camera returns to the same frame of reference as 0:03 seconds but this time with another man who stands under the right light of the streetlight. He appears to be holding something up in his right hand, aiming it at the man.


The camera shows in a new shot that this man is a police officer. This is shown by the uniform he is wearing. He looks to be holding a flashlight that is turned off but its still not totally clear if that is what he is holding.


The officer lowers his hand and is talking to the man in what appears to be a friendly manner. By his expression he could be giving him a word of advice.


The officer throws whatever is in his hand to a man in brown shirt and tie and brown pants and shoes who is on the other side of the buzzed man. He appears dressed for an office job. He is chubby and has stubble on his chin and sides of his face.


The man in the brown shirt catches what the officer throws. And says a few words to the buzzed man. He could be the buzzed mans father or boss or professor at a school he goes to perhaps.


Shot of buzzed man looking confused and turning his attention to another direction.


The object is now thrown to a bearded man with long brown hair in a khaki uniform. He looks like he could be a mechanic. There is a trunk in the distance behind him with what appears to be a ladder sticking out. Perhaps he is a friend or coworker of the buzzed man. Or perhaps he is the man who would have to fix his car should he crash it. If this is the case then the police officer likely represents the law the man will have to deal with if he gets caught driving under the influence. And the man in the shirt and tie might be from the insurance company that the buzzed man would have to deal with if he got in an accident. It has become clear to me now that the man in the khaki uniform is holding a key; likely the key to the buzzed man’s car.


Man in khaki outfit is talking to the buzzed man.


Camera shows buzzed man again with bloodshot eyes and looking increasingly more unsettled.


The buzzed man turns to see a woman catch the key. She is wearing a woman’s suit. Her hair is neat and tidy. She could be his mother perhaps or some other authority figure in the buzzed man’s life. She proceeds to say something to the buzzed man before throwing the keys.


A black man in a suit and tie (perhaps, the buzzed man’s lawyer) catches the keys and says something to the buzzed man.


The camera goes back to it’s position from 0:03 to reveal all of these people standing around the buzzed man, staring at him. They all appear to have ganged up on him and are waiting on him to make a decision (likely of whether or not he will choose to drive).


The black man, who we can now see is holding a briefcase throws the key back to the buzzed man who catches it.


The camera closes in on the buzzed man’s right side of the man from his shoulder up. He is looking down at the object in his hand thoughtfully, curiously. He is making a decision.


The buzzed man looks up to see the space as it was at 0:03- completely deserted.


He looks around at the spots where the people who were speaking to him once stood as he moves the hand that the key is clenched in up and down.


The ad ends with a message that zooms across the screen as if it were on a spinning globe. In blue light it shows the word BUZZED, in red light it shows the word BUSTED, and in blue light it shows the word BROKE. At the bottom left hand side of the screen is the logo for the Ad Council on the bottom right hand side is a logo reading NHTSA. Underneath the NHTSA logo is a website.


In white letters the words “BUZZED DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING” appear on the screen.


The screen goes black.

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3 Responses to visual-luckyleprechaun1

  1. luckyleprechaun1 says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    00. Does he just “have his hands in his pockets” or is he digging repeatedly into both pockets in search of something? Is the implication that he has just come from the bar? Is it day or night? Where’s the focus of the shot: on the male or or the bar in the background? Do his clothes suit the weather? On top of a building means wanting to jump? Walking away from stairs means he has climbed up onto the roof of a building? In short, luckyleprechaun, you’re responsible to alert us to all the visual components and provide a commentary of your reactions as you have them. You may turn out to be “wrong,” or to have been misled by the creator, in which case you’ll analyze why that was done and whether it paid off or not.

    01. He’s clearly searching his front pockets for something.

    02. I don’t think so. He’s checking upper pockets for whatever he didn’t find in his front pants pockets.

    03. Maybe you’re deliberately hesitating to draw conclusions. LL. If so, switch strategies and draw every conclusion you can. The combination of this young man’s stumbling gait, his inability to find whatever he’s looking for in his clothes, his possible confusion about the identity of the only car on the roof, and the clear implication of his having started this journey at the Bar at night should persuade any viewer to conclude that he’s had too many drinks and needs his keys.

    I won’t torture you any more with further details. Please overdo your analysis. And draw bold conclusions. Don’t worry about their accuracy. It’s the video creator’s job to guide you to the correct conclusions. If you get it “wrong,” odds are, someone else is to blame.

    OK? Reply, please.


    • luckyleprechaun1 says:

      Ok. Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I have watched the video with sound after doing this analysis but I’ll try not to let it influence my writing.


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