Enough About You-G00dSoup

Taxpayers wonder whether the amount spent on students makes a difference. If we really think about it, yes it does. Ask any parent whose child goes to an expensive school. There are different types of injuries that happen in each sport.  Would people object if they knew that a surgery performed before any injury occurs could make an athlete stronger? Imagine a body being consumed by a drug. Drug users would do anything to get their hands on it [the drug] and they don’t worry about the consequences that come with it. By inviting Syrians in, people are causing more problems than they’re solving. The notion of not actually having money on-hand is questioning That little green piece of paper in a person’s pocket holds no actual value other than the cost it took to produce it, and yet people will work their whole lives just to acquire more of those little green pieces of paper just so we can take them and stick them in a bank. The next time people read a bank statement or look at dollar bill that they’re holding an made up value that someone decided to make up. Without it, we might still be having to trade with goods like livestock and produce. A dollar is only worth what people can receive in exchange for it. Being able to walk around with money without holding it reminds me of the idea of the stone because, just like stone currency, we don’t need to be in physical possession of these Bitcoins to own them. We hear people talk about the American Dream, which requires that we have enough of these pieces of paper to be financially stable. If we think about it deeply we will realize, that we receive these pieces of paper called money and base our whole lives on them. Money is an adroit concept and its pursuit lasts a lifetime. Our goal from the moment we start school is to join the game of making enough of these pieces of paper to make our lives more fun and acceptable.

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