Bibliography- Queen Random

  1. Deangelis, Tori, The Legacy Of Trauma, American Psychological Association, 2019 

How I used it: I used this source to connect the treatment enslaved people experienced hundreds of years ago to the hardships african americans face in modern society. This article is about how the traumas one generation experiences continue to effect the way that family is able to function in that capacity for generations to come.

  1. Hallam, Jennifer, Slavery and the making of America. The Slave Experience Men, Women, and  Gender,, 2004 

How I used it: I used this source to continue on my goal of humanizing and destigmatizing the day-to-day lives enslaved people lived. In the essay I acknowledge that slavery as a part of history has been something slept under the rug and minimized. In using this source that has a very clear reality of how grim enslaved people’s lives were I’m building the foundations to get my audience to understand why anything that comes from or is because of slavery is just as inhumane.

  1. Melby, Julie Injured Humanity- Graphics, Princeton, 2009

How I used it: I used this source to learn more about who the author of Injured humanity was because the article made up a lot of the argument I was making. By learning about the author I was able to appeal to the audience more to maek the point that you didn’t need to be a radical of the time to see the inhumanity slavery as a system presented. 

  1. NLEOMF- Slave Patrols: An Early Form of American Policin

How I used it: I had to figure out a way to communicate to the audience how and why the police were created. I used this article as the basis of my thesis that the police can’t exist because of their history. The pyschologies introduced within this article of slave patrolers being overly violent and a tool of an unjust system. 

  1. Shu, Khushbah 400 Years Since Slavery- Timeline, The Guardian, modified 2021 

How I used it: This source was the first part of the essay and the philosophy I was trying to emulate. I had to figure out a way to communicate the erasure african americans have systemically experienced from the beginning of this country’s history. Using this source of how slaves were in this country before colonizers creates the perfect circumstance of enslaved people’s erasure from history.

  1. States, United Better Life Index- OECD, OECD, 2023 

How I used it: I was writing htis essay thinking in the mind of someone who might disagree with me. While I was writing a realized the people who are in favor of the the police would say ‘it wasn’t that bad’ but by removing time periods and comparing the livelihoods of enslaved people to our most basic rights of what it is to be human in this country. Would make people build sympathy further convincing readers of my thesis.

  1. Wood, Samuel Injured Humanity; Being A Representation of What the Unhappy Children of Africa Endure from Those Who Call Themselves Christians, Published by Samuel Wood., 1805

How I used it: I used injured humanity because it was a primary source of the time I was making so much comparison to iwhtin my essay. Injured humnaity as source creates first hand accounts of enslaved people’s lived experience. Humanizing them to the audience and hopefully getting them to understand why the role of the slave patrolers was all the more cruel. 

  1. Beck, Braden, As Neighborhoods gentrify, Police presence Increases, 2015 

How I used it: I used this source to show that police presence isn’t connected to crime. From that if police presents isn’t connected to crime what purpose is therhe for teh police to be in the spaces they occupy in the first place. This study shows that as white people move into diverse neighborhoods they use the police to patrol the things they deem as suspicious. From these bias I’m able to further push my thesis of the police being modern slave patrollers. 

  1. Card, Police Score, Police Scorecard, Denver Co, accessed 2023 

How I used it: I used this source for a lot of beneficial information including how much money is spent per citizen within the police department’s budget. From this information coupled with crime rates I was able to build the narritive of police budget’s increasing where each crime committed was worth upwards of $400,000. 

  1. Policy, prison, How Many people are locked up in the United states?, Accessed 2023 

How I used it: My entire essay was building a bridge between the past and present, this source helped me take the final step of finishing this metaphor. This source provided the number of people that are incarcerated right now and I used it to compare to how many people were enslaved at the peak of slavery. 

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