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Purposeful Summary-Queen Random

What are the ethics of a three parent child  I think it’s counterintuitive to put the embryo through the risk of death or extreme disability for the purpose of preventing a disease from developing in the first place. The scientific … Continue reading

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Summaries – cherries It seems counterintuitive to give addicts access to drugs. In vancouver they have started a program where heroin addicts can go shoot up with a nurse supervising so they don’t overdose and they won’t get arrested. They are just … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary- Pinkmonkey How my moms death changed my thinking on end of life care This article written by Charles Ornstein talks in detail about Charles’s experience with his mother’s passing. As a medical reporter himself, he found how conflicting it can … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary – SortableElms

1. Figure skating judges get a 10 for duplicity It seems counterintuitive that judges in the Olympics would alternate scores based not on skill but on the country the athletes are from. The article Figure skating judges get a 10 … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries – Anonymous123

It seems counterintuitive that vitamins which are supposed to make you healthier can actually harm you. The Vitamin Shoppe is a chain that is growing year by year in sales which sells you vitamins. Now what if those 700 million … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary-Tlap12

It seems counterintuitive that the government of Vancouver is helping addicts with their addiction by giving them some of the best heroin on the planet with nurses and police nearby, however they believe it is helping their drug problem greatly. … Continue reading

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Summaries-FatJoe It seems counterintuitive that Toms “buy one-give one” program, which provides a pair of shoes to someone in a progressing world when a pair is bought, does not actually work. But it seems that it can only really work … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary – Cleveland Brown

Smaller class sizes do not necessarily create an environment more conducive to learning.  This statement from 5 More Incredibly Counterintuitive Statements from Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath – B&N Reads ( talks about how smaller classrooms don’t mean that the … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- PitAndThePendulum

Avoiding the Curse of the Oil-Rich Nations It seems counterintuitive to assume that oil-rich countries would find themselves facing conflict after striking it rich, however, that seems to be a common theme among many of them. Stanford professor Terry … Continue reading

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