Purposeful Summary-Queen Random

What are the ethics of a three parent child 

I think it’s counterintuitive to put the embryo through the risk of death or extreme disability for the purpose of preventing a disease from developing in the first place. The scientific discovery of using the DNA of three parents to prevent the child from having complications is unethical. If there’s potential for an embryo to be born I believe that being alive should be enough of a requirement for it. Children have been born with disabilities forever and in the modern day pose no immediate risk of being disabled impeding their ability to be born. Mitochondrial defects do pose real threats, but known threats people are able to recognize and deal with. “Some efforts done in human embryos, but no 9 month pregnancy has been brought to term,” This is an experiment done with a real human life, a person that will exist until they die, and these scientists don’t have enough wherewithal to consider the consequences.  

I think it’s counterintuitive that the goal of realistic photography is to gain sympathy when the act of capturing these inhumane acts are inherently unsympathetic. This picture of a little girl shot in the street is sickening, you’re looking at a picture of a child who could literally still be alive in the last moments of her life. There was no call for help, no offering of comfort to this child that is dying. The photographers see her as an opportunity to get money. By commodifying these inhumane acts of the world in attempts to raise awareness we create the issue of the photographers now committing one last act of cruelty to the subject of their photos. 

It’s counterintuitive, do we prioritize the people in other countries, who don’t know this is happening; or the subjects of the photograph, who are dead. Do these people lose autonomy because they are dead? Is their humanity or dignity less valuable than say, mine or yours? Why because they were born in a country of turmoil? These photographs prove that intent is not as important as reality. The goal of realistic photography is to gain sympathy but all it’s turned into is another case of dehumanizing its subjects. The photograph of the little girl reminds me of the photograph of Emmet Till’s dead body. It’s grotesque, it’s shocking, and it is not sympathy-inducing. It makes you question who the photograph was taken for. If Realistic Photography is to help, who are the people we claim to be helping? 

It’s counterintuitive that the people mainly persecuted by the police for the opioid epidemic are communities of color when the majority of people prescribed an opioid are white. These patients have the same symptoms yet because of ‘unknown reasons’ they are less likely to get the medicine proven to help the illness they are sick with. It’s counterintuitive that the communities of color are being persecuted for trying to get the medicine the traditional forms of medical help have made inaccessible. Where 11% of white people diagnosed with depression are properly medicated with Prozac only 4% of blacks and Hispanics get the same prescriptions. They are given outdated medicine that does not solve the issues they face. So of course they’d go to the streets to receive what white people get within doctors’ offices.

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