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Note: I did not use the white paper for my essay. I used it for my original topic and my second topic, but after I changed my topic for a third time, I did not use it again. As I was writing I would find sources, instead of doing all the prior research. Therefore, this annotated bibliography does not have my sources used in my essay or why I used them.

I wanted to focus on the idea that males are often mistreated, misunderstood, and overlooked when it comes to most issues. I wanted to show overlooked struggles of men not only mentally but also physically. I wanted to show how the mental side is impacted but also they chemical side such as explaining testosterone levels decreasing.

As the idea of gender equality and equal rights increased, feminism, the the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes, is truly about making females greater than males.

Summary: For men that are already obese, there was a significant decrease in testosterone as one age rather than the rate at which a healthy man ages. Also found, the males that had a lower testosterone level had an increased chance at having erectile disfunction over those who had a higher testosterone level.

How I will use this: I will be able to use this study to prove how having a lower testosterone level affects a male especially when they age. By showing this, it helps proves my point that the recent drops in testosterone in males can be extremely detrimental.

Summary: There is an inverse relationship between one’s testosterone levels and obesity in men. Visceral fat turns testosterone into oestradiol which is the scientific name for estrogen.

How I will use this: I can use this to prove that obesity can lead to lower testosterone which is extremely harmful for males. By proving that obesity rates are increasing, it will always prove that testosterone rates are decreasing compared to 100 years ago.

Summary: As time goes on, the rate of obesity is an increasing issue all around the world. Due to an increase foods like vegetable oil being cheap and easy to obtain, even lower-class countries are still seeing this tread line. Another factor in this is that physical labor is decreasing. As farming is decreasing, manufacturing is increasing. This leads to less physical work to get more overall products.

How I will use this: I can use this article to prove how and why obesity is increasing over time. This will help prove that the level of testosterone is decreasing because as seen in the previous article, testosterone levels and obesity are inversely related.

Summary: Although depression rates are seen much higher in women, male suicide rates are significantly higher than women. This is caused by men doing what is called “masking depression.” With the idea that they cannot or do not want help, they mask what is truly going on.

How I will use this: I can use this to explain how a majarity of males may seem like they are okay, but they are truly going through a struggle. This can beneift my paper by explaining how males are often overlooked, ignored, and often forgotten about.

Summary: Many issues with toxic masculinity is that there is a different cause than males brains being wired that way. There are programs trying to help males find help instead of going to harmful fixes, like alcohol. This is because these fixes often lead to the “results” of toxic masculinity. For instance, alcohol often creates violence, and a result of toxic masculinity is violence. But could this be because males are trying to help themselves without someone else.

How I can use this: I can use this to explain how some of the results of toxic masculinity are the results from something else. Males do not act like that due to their brains being wired that way, but due

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