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My hypothesis – Lunaduna

1. Experimenting on animals 2. Experimenting on animals in the United States  3. The effect of experimenting on animals in the healthcare field (US) 4. Eliminating animal experimentation would be ethical, but how would we make new discoveries? 5. Having … Continue reading

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Summaries – Lunaduna

1. Do Toms Shoes Help Anbody? It seems counterintuitive that companies who say “buy one, give one” does not actually figure a way to actually solve the poverty problems the world faces today. Many of these types of companies have … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – Lunaduna

The poliovirus will most likely never be eradicated. Today’s world has many other issues to take control of, such as the fear of vaccines. Plenty of people in Nigeria fear that the oral polio vaccine was contaminated with AIDS. The … Continue reading

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