Not Because – chickendinner

1. Coats’ firing was not for using marijuana. After all, he had a prescription to use it and was entirely within his legal right. Coats was fired becase he violated workplace policy.

2. An employee taking medicine to mitigate their anxiety is not a legitimate reason to fire them.

3. Since alcohol is not illegal, employees can responsibly enjoy it on their own time without fear for their job. Since marijuana is not illegal in Colorado, the same standard should apply.

4. It is unjust that Coats was fired simply for trying to mitigate his pain.

5. An employee eaing the pain from their muscle spams using marijuana should not be grounds to discriminate against them.

6. Coats was smoking marijuana on his own time and property and hence was not harming anyone.

7. Omar Gonzalez failed to penetrate deep into the White House because of the swift actions of Secret Service agents.

8. The way the Secret Service responded to the breach of the White House is not a matter of investigation, but how the breach occurred is under question.

9. Secret Service chief Julia Pierson’s testimony before Congress yesterday will not cost her her job, but her own incompetence might.

10. Secret Service agents refrained from using deadly force against the intruder because he was carrying a knife with a 4-inch blade.

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