Claims- PitandThePendulum

Section 4

“Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.”

Definition Claim– since the claim being made is stated simply and in the first few words of the paragraph.

“But some spouses and loved ones suffer symptoms that are, as one medical journal puts it, “almost identical to PTSD except that indirect exposure to the traumatic event through close contact with the primary victim of trauma” is the catalyst. “

Factual Claim– since the claim being made has research behind it.

“Basically your spouse’s behavior becomes the “T” in your own PTSD. If sympathy for Caleb is a little lacking, you can imagine what little understanding exists for Brannan.”

Evaluative Claim– since the claim being stated involves judgement of the situation of military spouses.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s enough to clear the zero.


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