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A problem in Vancouver arises, concerning heroin addicts committing crimes to support drug-related habits. “Free heroin for addicts” is a service program with the intention of preventing heroin addicts from engaging in drug-related behavior because Vancouver experiences high rates of drug-related crime. Drug addicts face difficulties living a normal day-to-day lifestyle. Such problems include (and are not limited to): holding jobs, maintaining relationships, and obtaining overall stability. Individuals addicted go above and beyond, finding any means necessary to find “a fix.” Going to such lengths, heroin addicts often commit crimes in the process. Breaking an entering and stealing are only a few crimes to name a few. “Free heroin for addicts” provides heroin addicts with free heroin to keep crime on the low but the provider service still has an array of flaws. The problem with this program is giving heroin addicts what they want. Giving heroin addicts free heroin certainly keeps crime low, but the temporary solution does not aid in the process of helping addicts better long term lifestyle choices. On the flip side, by providing heroin, addicts will be off the streets, which in turn will prevent heroin addicts from committing crimes. This will also keep the heroin users out of hospitals—which also feeds into addiction. The “free heroin for addicts” program gives people free heroin in the cleanest way possible, in turn, fixes city crime but not the addiction heroin addicts face.

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