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With the 2016 Presidential campaign in full swing, the whole country has its focus on the candidates pursuing the dream of becoming our nation’s next great leader. But the person who might be the next great president probably won’t win. This is so because he/she is most likely a part of a third party group, which does not get attention equal to Republicans or Democrats. But is it because the American people don’t vote enough for the third party? Or is the government just making it impossible for there ever to be a president is not one of the big two.

Could a third party ever become president?

This article explains the very extensive process that the presidential voting goes through and how the people’s vote ultimately has very little say in the matter. It states that it would be nearly impossible for a third party to win because it is set up so that the Electoral College has the final say.

This will be useful because the third party runners may be the best option for presidency, but will most likely never get there due to government interference,

Red vs. Blue States

This page displays tables and graphs on information from the 2008 presidential election. It shows the projected outcome of red states and blue states along with the stereotypes that are associated with them.

This is useful because these numbers could be very different and the stereotypes greatly changed if a third party group was thrown into the state color vs. state color.

2016 Needs A Third Party

This article explains why America needs to have a third party in this year’s race to make a difference in the way things have been done over recent years.

We Want a Third Party

Americans want to have a third party run for president, but it has not been able to reach a competitive point in recent years due to lack of candidates. This article will certainly help show that the American people are more than open for change in our government.

Independents are the Majority

This page has an interesting fact in it that states that people labeled as “independents” are the majority now over republicans and democrats. If there ever is a third party candidate that garners enough attention, he/she may certainly have the backing to make some noise in the polls.

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1 Response to Proposal +5 – alivewit55

  1. alivewit55 says:

    1) The United States of America is one of the strongest yet most malfunctioning system of government in the world. The leaders create a Constitution and laws and regulations to grant the people of their country a large collection of rights that allow them to live how they choose. But when it comes to electing the leaders, the people of America have barely any say. The government has employed a political form of “controlled natural selection”, meaning that they hand-pick the candidates that run for president and limit the population to only seriously consider contenders from either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. The government leaves out what may be the solution to the problems we have; which is a third party runner on the national ticket. The presidential race will only be truly fair for the people if they get to actually vote for the candidate they choose, and have that vote mean something. With a third party candidate as president, Americans might just get the change that they have been hoping for for nearly two decades.

    2) The United States of America will do irreversible damage to the economy, our way of life, and the health of the world if the presidential election system is not changed. America has been on a decline since the 1990s, but not in obvious ways. The recession and housing market collapse in the late 2000s was a big sign of problems within the infrastructure of America.The ever-increasing amount of technological advances in today’s society creates an illusion that as more technology comes out, the better the USA is doing, but those two facts do not have a direct correlation. The problems in the Middle East, the rising and falling of gas prices, the ebb and flow of American emotions against and for the government is driving the country apart. The traditional Republican/Democratic system is no longer getting the job done. Almost everything in society adapts and changes as time goes on, but our political system stays the same. It is time for the third party ticket runners to make a stand and take charge of the ballot and attract the attention of the nation. Once a third party steps up, the future of America will be bright and exciting to look forward to as it once was.


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