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  1. Ennis, C. D. (2013, July 1). Implications of exergaming for the physical education curriculum in the 21st Century. Journal of Sport and Health Science. Retrieved March 25, 2023

Background: This article talked about why exergaming would be beneficial to use in a physical education class. Exergaming is motivating even to those who are not as skilled or advanced at the games. This form of exercise also increases kids’ ability to exercise consistently at moderate intensity. Overall, the author shows that exergaming is incredibly useful in a physical education setting and can encourage kids to learn how to create fitness plan and participate in lifelong exercise.

How I Used It: I used this article to help prove that exergaming is found to be interesting and motivating to all students. It helped prove that you do not need to be athletic in order to have fun or do well at these games making being physically active more accessible to everyone. It helped prove my point that technology is not always to blame when it comes to obesity because some kids lack physical activity simply because they are clumsy or nervous around their more athletic peers.

2. Gao, Z., Pope, Z., Eun Lee, J., Stodden, D., Roncesvalles, N., Pasco, D., Huang, C. C., & Feng, D. (2016, November 24). Impact of exergaming on young children’s School Day Energy expenditure and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity levels. Journal of Sport and Health Science. Retrieved March 7, 2023 

Background: This study focused on finding information on exergaming in areas that were previously lacking information. It was mentioned that previous studies focused on only one type of game and typically took place a lab setting. This study investigated the long-term impact of multigame exergaming within school curriculum. The study found that exergaming has the same impact on light PA and regular physical education activities.

How I Used It: I used this article to help show how much physical activity is needed for children. I then went in to explaining how exergaming is a good way for these kids to get the required 60 minutes of physical activity needed. It also helped me understand the benefits exergaming can have in a school setting.

3. Lindberg, R., Seo, J., & Laine, T. H. (n.d.). Enhancing physical education with Exergames and wearable technology … Retrieved April 18, 2023

Background: This article went into detail about why obesity is a problem and what some of the challenges that can affect the amount of physical activity children are able to get within a physical education class. The study talked about in this article created their own exergame that specialized in physical activity as well as improving cognition and tested it on 3rd graders in South Korea. They also identified some issues that needed to be addressed in order to make their game what they want it to be.

How I Used It: I used this article to help me learn about exergaming and get some other views on it. It was interesting to hear about what exergaming is being used for in other countries and how it relates to how we use it in America. I did not specifically quote this source in my paper however it did help me formulate my opinion and my argument.

4. Quan, M., Pope, Z., & Gao, Z. (2018, September 25). Examining young children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviors in an exergaming program using accelerometry. MDPI. Retrieved March 7, 2023

Background: This study focused more on determining if there were different results based on the gender of the children playing the exergames. The article itself also explained all of the health benefits that exergaming has. In the end it found that there was no difference in benefits when it came to gender.

How I Used It: I used this article to get evidence on the various health benefits that exergaming can provide for children. This article provided very strong evidence in this area that I felt really helped my argument. I also used the idea that the benefits are universal regardless of gender which was also an important point to make. By making this point it helps strengthen my argument and take away some of the doubt my readers may have.

5. Ryan, R. M., Frederick, C. M., Lepes, D., Rubio, N., & Sheldon, K. M. (n.d.). Intrinsic Motivation and Exercise Adherence. Retrieved April 8, 202

Background: This article talked about what it takes for people to actually adhere to their exercise routines. It found that the best way for people to actually stick with their exercise routines is for them to be doing something they actually enjoy. Even if the activity is light or moderate physical activity it is better to do that continuously then do a high level of physical activity that the person eventually gives up.

How I Used It: I used this article as evidence in my rebuttal section of my paper. It helped my argument a lot to be able to show that exergaming would be a great form of exercise for children because they enjoy it. Their enjoyment will make them want to be physically active which is overall beneficial.

6. Sheehan, D. P., Katz, L., & Kooiman, B. J. (2015). Exergaming and physical education: A qualitative examination from the teachers’ perspectives Journal of Case Studies in Education4, 1–14. Retrieved March 7, 2023

Background: This article focused on exergaming in schools through the perspective of the physical education teachers who would be utilizing it in their classrooms. A study was conducted where two physical education teachers did a six-week exergaming unit with their students. They reported that using exergaming kept their students motivated and they were very enthusiastic about the unit. The variety that exergaming has also helped appeal to different interests and kept the students engaged.

How I Used It: I utilized this article to help add insight from physical education teachers who actually implemented an exergaming program into their classrooms. I felt this would be very beneficial for the readers since they would be able to get insight from real people who found that exergaming truly does work.

7. Zeng, N., & Gao, Z. (2022, November 23). Exergaming and obesity in youth: Current perspectives. Taylor & Francis. Retrieved April 11, 2023

Background: This article acknowledges that exergaming has been used for physical activity but insists that there is not enough research regarding the effectiveness of exergaming. It goes into detail about how exergaming could help with physical activity as well as with psychological well-being but still says that there is not enough research in these areas. The article talks about how the controlled experiments done in the past are restricting and that a new way of doing research needs to be found for this particular topic.

How I Used It: This article was used as my “worthy opponent”. Since it said that there was not enough evidence to say that exergaming was beneficial, I was able to refute it by showing all the indisputable health benefits that have come from participation in exergaming.

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