Doctors are making a lot of mistakes that are becoming very dangerous to the patients.they are taking risks at patients lives to where it has became an issue to the patients and the doctor.every year in the hospital 1 million people are being harmed from the cause of infections ,injuries and surgical mistakes.sadly hospitals are killing patients with needless mistakes.

background: this article discuss how many patients have died from medical mistakes in U.S. estimates on how many patients die each year.”way to many people are being harmed by unintentional medical error,”Mayer said,”and it needs to be corrected.”

background:this article discuss how patients are getting injured by it is causing an issue for the patients and the doctors. due to wrong medications ans the hospitals are having improper care.

background:this article discuss how many patients have gotten infections from hospitals.” hospitals have become particularly notorious for spreading lethal infections.”it focuses on how infections are killing people in hospitals.


background:this article discuss how many hospitals have gotten sued from patients.doctors are not doing what should be done cause to many deaths, injuries and mistakes on focus on the hospital will not be liable for the doctors mistakes.

background: this article discuss many ways how to prevent deaths,injuries and surgical mistakes from hospitals.patients can be more care by getting to know there doctors experience before going to them.this article focus on how patients can prevent bad experiences out of their doctors. what they should do to stop the causes of things happening.

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