Visual Rewrite- Doglover846

“Child Car Safety”

0:00-0:01: In the first second of the video, there is an African American family of four that is on the porch infant of their house. The husband who is carrying a stroller on his back and a couple of bags with toys, a cup, a bagel in his hand. His wife is next to him carrying their son who is about 2 years old in one arm and a cup and apple sauce in her other hand, with bad on her back. In the middle of them is their little girl who seems to be around 5 years old. The parents both seem to act confident in what they are doing. However, their hands are full of items that I’ve stated before.

0:02-0:04: The family is starting to walk towards their car, the parents seem fairly happy like they have everything under control. As the mom flips her hair the camera cuts to her, she makes a face likes she got this. Then the camera cuts to the family again. The father is looking at his daughter, his face looks pretty serious. The child seems happy and excited. The mom doesn’t seem to be involved in what the father is telling the daughter. In the last split second of 0:04 seconds the camera cuts to the daughter looking at the toys.

0:04-0:07: The camera shows a close of the little girl who starts to become more intrigued with the toys and grabbed toy rings from the bag that the father is carrying. Then the cameras cut to the whole family with the mom behind the father and the little girl. However, since the girl is pulling on the toy, the father begins to start dropping the stroller and the bags with the bagel in his mouth. The cameras then cut to the mother with her face in concern and it looks like she is going to have trouble with all of things in her hands since the dad was dropping everything.

0:08-0:16: The camera goes back on to the family where the mother is now trying to lift up kid back up into her arms where she is comfortable to hold him. Behind her is the father who is trying to get everything in his hands and on his back situated, still with the daughter trying to grab the toy from the bad. Next the cameras show the dad trying to eat his bagel with the bag coming off of his shoulders, with toys falling out of his arms and a cup and grey suit jacket in his hands. After he throws the stroller back on his shoulder has the mom is walking infant of him, now that she has everything situated. Both parents has a face of concern and aggravation. Slowly walking behind the mother, the husband is trying to get to the car with trying to prevent everything from falling out of his hands. It looks like he is struggling because he is walking very slow and steady.

0:17-0:25-The father drops all of the stuff as the car door opens for his daughter to get inside, then the camera shows the mom carrying her son to the car to put him in his carseat. Then it goes back to the dad fastening his daughter into her carseat behind the driver seat. As he is doing that she is eating popcorn out of a little bowl, with a smile on her face. As he fastens the the seatbelt, the daughter has a tantrum and spills popcorn everywhere in the car while she is crying and screaming. The dad has a distraught facial expression trying not to get hit by the popcorn. Then the screen cuts the the mother who is buckling her son into the carseat next to the daughter behind the passenger seat.

0:25-0:30- The screen then goes sea blue with a infant carrier carseat to the left, a carseat next to it. Next to that carseat is a booster seat with a seat belt across of it and to the far right is just a seatbelt. This indicates the timeline of carseats as the child gets older, until they don’t need a careseat. 


The ad shows the specific events in the scene to show that parenting is a hard job and not everything is going to go as planned. However, the number one priority as a parent is to keep your children safe no matter what, even if they make getting into the car a struggle for you. So bringing the child’s safety into this ad helps get the message across that carseats and sea belts are so important when driving with a child. It’s for their protection and safety.


The logos is that the family is ready to go out somewhere with their kids, since they have their hands full of things specifically for the kids.


When walking to the car, the daughter makes it hard for the parents to keep everything in their hands when pulling on the toy. This makes aggravated and frustrated because now they are struggling when it could’ve been an easy walk to the car.


This ad “Child Car Safety”, was made by NHTSA, which is a government agency and was uploaded by Ad Council. This shows that this video is credible and reliable.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This is a very strong first draft, DogLover.


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