Disneylover2002 Notes 09-09-2021

Today in class, we started by talking about what goes into our portfolio. We also discussed the grading scale and how our notes in class will be worth five percent of our grade. Taking notes in class allows us to stay engaged in the discussion, and it will enable us to take what the professor is saying and put it into our own words. We then compared fox hunting to high school writing. In fox hunting, hunters catch a fox that’s been captured already instead of going to explore and find something new. This method is similar to high school writing because the student is writing about a topic that has already been proven and written about multiple times instead of writing about something new and different. Also, we talked about purposeful writing. Purposeful writing is turning other people’s words or ideas into your language and what it means to you, therefore making it into an argument.
After that, we talked about the white paper. A white paper contains a raw material that will help you with your work. To me, the white paper is my google docs form. In this form, I can copy and paste all my links into it and add as many as I would like. In addition to the links, I also added a little summary of what the link contained and showed that the link is related to my topic. It helps to have a white paper because if you get off track or in a jam, the professor can look into it and point you in the right direction. We then went on to talk about how it is pointless to think or brainstorm about a topic. We also went over the process of writing.

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2 Responses to Disneylover2002 Notes 09-09-2021

  1. davidbdale says:

    Disneylover, these Notes belong at the bottom of the Agenda page for every class you attend. They’re not supposed to be posts. I could transfer them to the bottom of the Agenda for Class 03, THU SEP 09, but I can’t pretend that you placed them there. It would appear that I was leaving Notes for class myself.

    If you will copy and paste them yourself and continue to use the Reply field below the Agendas every class day, I’d appreciate it.

    03 Class THU SEP 09


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